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1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook | Understands Easy

Rise From 1984 1

1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook | Understands Easy

Topic: 1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook

1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook | Understands Easy

The clocks are ticking 13 and I want you all to repeat after me War is peace Freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength Did you hate this book in high school?

Well, me too, do I like it as an adult who finally understands one percent of world politics, yeah well today we’ll dive into


This book and I will tell you guys how this book looks like in 2020 and all the years since the publication of this book, which in 1948 is now many

You may have already read this book in high school or maybe in college or university but maybe you didn’t like it because of the writing style because of you

I know Heavy terms are used in the book but today I am going to tell you guys why you should read this book after high school and if you didn’t like it in high school you should give it a try because of the things I am going to tell you in these blogs

Well, what is 1984 really about totalitarianism If you’re a fan of dark or dystopian books, you might actually know a few things About this book now let’s half

What is a dystopian world is basically a world where everything and everyone who feels dissatisfied with people is stripped of their humanity and there is no longer individuality

Among the people and basically, everyone is brainwashed, the people in this book live in complete denial of everyone in every area of ​​the profession

Everything is a monument Everything is manipulated by the government and George Orwell wrote this book to describe how such oppression 1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook

Really violent government can affect people and how power itself can be so destructive, there are so many things that are constantly being suppressed.

The government manipulates its people One of them is gender and the other is the history of the language which is constantly manipulated to make it sound better, the main slogan of the party is already written in

The first page of the book says Big Brother is watching you Big Brother is the arrogant leader of Oceania and is also the leader of this.

A totalitarian government believes that everything he does, including historical negotiations, including the mother of manipulating people, is all for their own good.

1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook | Understands Easy

This is very confusing to the reader because everyone in this novel is very compelled to do everything they do and they really have There is no way to go further or further than they want, and through language, they are also suppressed

Why because in this book Orwell created a language called press talk that limits people’s feelings and limits people’s exchange of language


Which is a way of telling you that, because we don’t have enough words you can’t describe how you really feel or you can’t describe

what you really want of our government and this language really leaves no room for better thinking to overthink or express your disgust at this Government

So the government uses this language to oppress people and tries to make people as small as possible by putting pressure and pressure on

Thoughts and feelings that are not the only device used to manipulate people, there is a reason for people to accept everything that this government implies and that’s because

The government is manipulating their memory, brainwashing them, and indoctrinating them, and people are constantly confused by what is in the present.

The past is because everything is tied together and the government has changed the past to make itself

It seems more like you know it’s desirable and I think Orwell had some inspiration to write the memory part of this novel because knowing that this novel was

1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook | Understands Easy

Published in 1948 World War II ended in 1945 Many people have already denied the Holocaust despite all the evidence of the Holocaust found at Auschwitz
found in all concentration camps, current people still deny it,

so Orwell really wrote this to tell people that history can be negotiated if the people
They really listen and people are brainwashed as much as they are in this novel

So if something like the Holocaust happened in this novel, the evidence would be completely erased and the government wouldn’t even think about

Proof that they will just say no and vaporize anyone who knows anything about this evidence and fumigation just means making sure no one knows you exist

Even though the magazines Illustrated anything talking about the magazines the main character in this book is Winston Smith and he keeps the magazines and this is an act of total rebellion.

And the government can’t handle your thoughts in all the cards now, it’s not the only active rebellion that uses love as a business

Rebellion because the love in this novel is only for production and you can only have seconds


Because you don’t want to reproduce anything else, and your only love should be towards Big Brother, you should always love Big Brother and appreciate everything you did for the party and Citizens like Winston are disobedient and just want to think differently, of course, the party uses torture against them

And in the end, you may evaporate because you were not obedient to the government and they will only destroy you and there are many ways to torture
citizen of

Their actions, the most important one is Room 101 and this is where you face your biggest fear and you have to put it there to think about your actions and maybe come

1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook | Understands Easy

As a better person like a loving big brother or they’ll vaporize you the concept of Room 101 actually reminds me of Shiny Room 217 and I don’t want to spoil anything but

Just know that people face their fears in those rooms, so the main purpose of Room 101 is to be tormented so that you know remorse for every act of rebellion.

You made a commitment and hope you come out as a better person and love Big Brother Now let’s go back to history This novel uses many forms that you know are historical

Negotiations to brainwash people and they are actually erasing photos, burning everything to let people know that none of these things exist.

Everything you thought never existed, and this is how you were brainwashed, and this is one way to psychologically control your fellow citizens by manipulating through you.

Totally obliges them to know that yes he didn’t exist

So this kind of psychological manipulation appears throughout the book and their motto is actually a piece of a warrior which it clearly isn’t.

Freedom is slavery, ignorance, and power, so the citizens are actually forced to watch these color screens of Big Brother as he achieves victory as Obviously, not all of the missing words were actually portrayed as something Big Brother won and that’s just another thing

A form of negotiation and the slogan used is actually a way to manipulate people further from what you know from their lack of perspective and their lack of language
And the motto is warred, peace is actually made for people to believe that Oceania has always been at war with East Asia and big brother

He won it all and that is clearly not true, and officials in the Ministry of Truth are keen to change these historical facts so that the country

Seen as a utopia from the people’s point of view, people being brainwashed by displays are just a way for the government to know it’s checking citizens for strangers.

behavior in case they need to fumigate it later or put it in room 101, they also put out propaganda on their displays to make sure that people


Know that the ocean is not defeated, uh, will not be defeated forever, so the memories of the people and the lives of the citizens are really unreliable because you never know when the ministry will be 1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook

The truth will change history and maybe even change your life and wipe you out of nowhere in today’s world with complete control

On people, it is considered coercive and it really is but still, people use different ways through social media just by your knowledge of the new government

Laws to Control People is not as severe as this novel but it is really still the same in some terms, the only thing I think is really similar to this novel is the term

Fake news is kind of like press news if you think about it because of the fake news people commit

Totally incorrect shared opinions and people are always hesitant and always ambivalent about whether to believe a politician or not.

Because nothing seems real when they talk about it and only the general contradiction of politicians is really similar

The two countries here are East Asia and Oceania which are the most talked about in this novel, and though we don’t have a miserable world

Like 1984, there are still things like xenophobia, and there are things like discrimination, fake news, and it’s a term that everyone really hates that’s just a verb
We turn a blind eye to things we see things that happened in history but we try to deny and it’s very similar to 1984 but fortunately,  we don’t have much

A world as intense as this one but the only thing the events of this novel and the events of the world have cost at the moment is the division between people.

And that’s something we can’t really fix ourselves and we can work together but it’s still really hard to control a lot of people at once.

Rise From 1984 1

Now these are all the reasons why I think you should read this novel after you finish high school, I mean read it in high school for a project or something but don’t hate it
Leave it in your room and pick it up later

When you have really understood a little politics, you have read some of the more miserable novels and 1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook  you may actually enjoy or you may understand the world better

After reading this novel, you can pick up small parallels from this novel to things that have already happened in history or things that exist

It’s currently happening where you live in a place where other people live and it may just be a huge attraction to you

So even though this totalitarian regime won in this book, I still believe that they failed, any totalitarian regime has always failed because they felt their citizens

They failed the considered minds that they felt were people who were so resilient, brilliant, and too bright for a government like

This and the lesson I take away from this book is to think for myself and you learn to express my thoughts to people who also think for themselves and don’t try to deny the things they have

It really happened and for those of you who don’t try to know find endless ways to disagree with the truth and I think it’s really good to participate in a society where you are

Thinking of yourselves caring about people’s future and yourself, these were all my thoughts for 1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook and I hope you guys.

All of you have enjoyed this I’m sure most of you have read this book and if you haven’t read this book I highly suggest you pick it up it’s a bit like Fahrenheit 451 um
Slaughterhouse-Five and many things are similar to current novels like the Hunger Games trilogy, so I strongly suggest you choose This 1984 Audiobook | Free Audiobook

Thank you so much guys


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