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After We Fell | Watching free Release Date 22 OCTOBER 2021 UK

After We Fell Watching free Release Date 22 OCTOBER 2021 UK

After We Fell | Watching free Release Date 22 OCTOBER 2021 UK

Topic: After We Fell | Watching


After we dropped the movie review I’m going to be critical and still give my real opinions and thoughts I re-read after we’ve dropped and Rewatch The first two movies,

so I’ll compare this movie to the book and the other movies in the franchise, but I’ll also review them as one. The first small part of this video will be free but I will have a section After We Fell | Watching


It was a good movie by the way after we felt like it was my favorite book in the series I was rereading it and it was like this was my favorite in the series.

I really liked it and thought they did a good job in the movie like I’m really happy with this movie and I was too scared to watch it because I didn’t really like

After we crashed and I got nervous like I was afraid I’d be disappointed again but I really liked him and I don’t know if I really liked him Because I didn’t have such high hopes this time but After We Fell | Watching

After We Fell | Watching free Release Date 22 OCTOBER 2021 UK

I thought it was really good, also sorry if this review is going to be really messy, I’ll kind of jump from point to point because I wrote all my notes and I’m just kind

Who wrote everything that came to my mind and obviously I watched the movie yesterday so I didn’t sleep on it and thought about things I couldn’t stop

After We Fell | Watching¬† Thinking about it while I slept, I really liked it and liked it the first time I saw it which I can’t say after and after.

bumped up I didn’t really like it after the first time I saw it I was so confused how much it changed but then I grew up to love this movie and after we put it together

It was a complete mess I didn’t like at all this I loved it from the start and I didn’t actually feel like there were any scenes I was rocking Or that I just got so uncomfortable


that I remember watching me after we crashed and just got annoyed like the whole time I hated the way they tried to make it

comedy and stuff while after we fell was more serious, emotional, intense and had such an intimate feeling, it captured the whole point and The essence of the book and really flowed with the text was good

I feel the dialogue was great, it was so much better in this movie, there was also a little bit of dialogue from the book if you’ve probably read the book

He’s going to come up with some lines and stuff that was kind of cool I feel pretty much a poem to the book lovers and the dialogue they did

After We Fell Watching free Release Date 22 OCTOBER 2021 UK 2

Picked from the book, it wasn’t like it was awkward or bad, I feel all the lines delivered were well done, I loved the directing, and I feel like Castillo Landon


You did a great job, I really liked what you did in this movie, there were some scenes where I was wondering about the camera working specifically like one Love scenes but other than that I think she did a great job and I’m so excited to see her After We Fell | Watching

What do you do with the next movie, I know they shot it already but I’m excited to see if it changed things or if I meant they were filming everything again to come back so I don’t know if there will be much progress but I’m excited to see the next, all the acting I thought was great,¬† I really thought

This champ and Joe have done a great job I can say they have really improved in their actions and they have improved a lot, I have always felt that Joe

She was the better of the two who seemed to present her lines more natural and seemed to feel more comfortable in them After We Fell | Watching

It was Hiro’s role, but I feel Hiro really improved in that movie and he definitely worked really hard and you can tell a lot of his lines were
They did a lot better and overall they did a good job and I really liked it

their acting in this movie and you can just see how much they have grown since the first movie and they should be really proud I think they really did After We Fell | Watching

Good job and I am very happy with their performance in this movie and I also feel they have a lot of chemistry in this movie which I feel may be because After We Fell | Watching


They filmed during the pandemic and they didn’t have a lot of people on set, it felt like they might have come close or it wasn’t stressful and they weren’t there a lot of people around but their performance seemed very intimate, and they felt very natural as if people in a relationship they

The book sure brought it back to life in my opinion, there were a lot of funny, cute, and sweet moments, but there was also a lot of heavy, emotional, and intense stuff.
Scenes also I think they mix all those kinds of scenes together really nicely because as much as Tessa and Harden fight they have too

Moments of a real relationship and like a normal relationship and it was good to see both sides of their relationship that I feel after We crashed, they definitely tried to make this really bad guy even tougher and make it so obvious when this guy looks like you know he’s not a good guy

But you see the moments of his kindness and his kindness, yeah, I feel like they really brought the toughness and Tessa to life in this one as I feel like it was just too much After We Fell | Watching

After We Fell | Watching free Release Date 22 OCTOBER 2021 UK

Hisa’s writers didn’t exaggerate their characters but also didn’t underestimate the size of the drama If that makes sense,

I really felt like this was H is a in the screen and I didn’t feel that in the other movies very well I felt Tessa was very accurate in the first movie I really enjoyed the love scenes and I think she They did a great job with those who didn’t

She had a lot of love scenes but they also just didn’t have enough of all the love scenes which I feel were way too long and they all kind of made sense.

They weren’t just thrown in there. I feel all the love scenes make sense and I love the way they were filmed. They weren’t

More than movies if that makes sense, they were more intimate and emotional, I really liked the way the love scenes were done,

I think it was wow I really liked all the other actors I thought they were good even though I really miss Shane who played Landon I really liked the chance I thought

He did a great job, I miss Shane though I love recasting Christian and Kimberly Even though I like Candice and Charlie I definitely don’t think That they were old enough, they definitely fit after we clashed in comical vibes but for that’s more


The serious tone I think we need more mature actors if that makes sense, I really liked Stephen Moyer and Ariel Cable and I think they did a really good job
In fact, I really liked their characters in the movie and loved how much we saw them and thought they had more on-screen chemistry.

The hero and Joe were like their scenes with the hero and Joe is so much better in my opinion than the second movie, the sets were really nice and it’s clear that they were filmed in it Bulgaria so they had to do everything from scratch a little bit, I liked all the settings, the cabin was beautiful and I know they

I designed this specifically for the movie and that was cool, I really liked Tesla’s clothes, hair, and makeup in this movie, they were definitely more age-appropriate

They’re still kind of stuck with what Tessa usually wears, but they also made it a little more trendy and a little more modern and I really am too.

Happy with Hardin’s costumes in that movie and he also pretty much wore all the black I like so that was pretty cool overall I really liked the movie and I can’t wait to see it again, I think it was much better than the first two, this is definitely my favorite of the three so far I will say that After We Fell | Watching

I think the movie is 1 hour and 39 minutes long not as long as the other two, but I feel like the time and pace of this movie were really, really good.

Well some of the scenes didn’t feel too long and didn’t feel like they were too short, I felt like every scene in this movie was made

A sense and also as if it was well-timed because they didn’t cut it too early, they didn’t let it drag for too long every scene I feel like you can breathe it wasn’t the case.

What I feel is post-collision, there were a lot of jump-like pieces and like random scenes here and thereafter we fell we didn’t have any of the This kind of makes me wonder if there was a different editor for this movie, and I obviously know there was a different screenwriter that Anna didn’t write.

The script for this, but I heard she worked closely with this new screenwriter but didn’t actually write the script for this script that I’m so thankful that I feel it was so much better with someone who already knew what they were doing but yeah, the movie wasn’t

All that long, but I also felt like it was a long time if that made sense, and I have no complaints about the timing or the speed of the movie or When editing the movie, I have no complaints about this movie, and I can’t think of a single negative thing about it either

After We Fell | Watching free Release Date 22 OCTOBER 2021 UK

I liked the soundtrack, I don’t know if I liked it, to be honest, I liked it, I liked the last song they played at the end of the movie.


Perfect, I definitely paid more attention to the actual scene than to the music that was playing so I feel if I watched it again I would be able to judge

The soundtrack is a bit better but it’s definitely an improvement from the second movie but I feel like the first soundtrack from the first movie is After We Fell | Watching

I’m still superior in my opinion so I guess this is the spoiler-free section and now I’m going into all the spoilers We’re going to mainly talk about the changes to the movie from the book and After We Fell | Watching

what they added and things like that obviously the movie starts with Memories of Tessa and her family Her parents get drunk and her dad gets drunk and leaves you to see Tessa in the greenhouse I don’t know if

That would be a flash-forward to happiness then, I feel like this is kind of a hint to the greenhouse scene in the next movie I liked how they opened the movie like that because I feel like you really felt what her mother was like and the relationship she had with her

Dad, I’m a little sad because there was no audio commentary We obviously had voiceover in the first two movies but we didn’t have one in this movie that I’m a little sad about


But I guess it makes sense, I don’t really see how they could have done things that are not included in this movie that are obviously all of Hardin’s friends and like brothers and stuff didn’t really include any of the things I knew they weren’t going to

because none of that The cast was watched in Bulgaria, and I’m personally glad they didn’t include all those scenes and the assault scene on Steve and stuff like that, I’m really glad they didn’t

It’s just because I feel like it would have added a lot to the movie and when you’re adapting a really big book with a lot of subplots and

Like a lot of the other little plots, it’s hard to focus on the main point of the story and for a movie you can’t have like a bunch of little plots that happen, you have to have
One main plot and then like a few things added here and there and I feel like they added drama to Steve and all their friends

It would have been too much and it would have been messy in my opinion, so I’m glad they didn’t because I knew they were going to change Robert to Zedd.

The nightmare in Hardin’s book obviously has a nightmare about Z in the movie they changed him to Robert which made perfect sense, I liked that it was so important and they did not pull


Placing this love triangle really made it look like a potential future love interest for Tessa wasn’t a threat to their relationship in It’s a threatening moment in the future, I also knew they were going to present Nora this way I had a feeling she wouldn’t really do it

She has a big role in this movie even though she has a character poster which is kinda weird if you follow them on Twitter Instagram they shot Poster for Nora and I was like

It would have like one scene we didn’t see the sex scene in the car which I think was a scene that was cut out of the movie because it kind of goes from club and then they come home but they don’t end up in love so I feel like they had sex in the car and they just cut this scene out

I’m sure some fans are disappointed, I don’t really care, I feel like they have a fair amount of love scenes, to begin with, so I’m fine with that guy who didn’t in the movie but I wonder if that was the thing they filmed and cut or they didn’t film it at all,

I’m not sure we didn’t see Tessa’s mom like Obviously, we initially saw her in a flashback but we didn’t see her in the movie at all and I wonder if they’d go

Complete this story in the next movie because I’m sure they’ll pull a few things out after we’re specifically happy about Tessa’s family drama and stuff there is a specific scene and after we fell it wasn’t in the movie her mom called to come and see what’s going on


Because he thinks Tessa needs her mom who wasn’t in the movie and I feel kind of good that they didn’t include what I think would be It was too much, maybe a little messy, I think there was one scene that was in the trailer that wasn’t in the movie and it was

A scene where Tessa was wearing a white and blue striped shirt and it wasn’t in the movie like there was a small scene the rest of the scene was cut out and I’m cute.

From wondering what that scene was, I don’t think it was anything too important, but it was nice to see that scene they changed the hot tub little scene

Which I’m kinda surprised about but I’m also not at the same time in the book Hardin gets scared because he forgets a condom and thinks Tessa is trying

He got pregnant to go to Seattle with her he wasn’t in the movie, then they also changed the way they talked about Trevor after Hardin asked her if

She had feelings for Trevor which is why she wanted to go to Seattle or if she was interested in him and she kind of had like a moment and loved how

Finished this scene was like the moment she said, I had a moment I loved him scared and didn’t want to hear anything else actually

I really liked the way it was done, I know it sounded so dramatic on the part of Hardin, he sure should have heard it but I think it’s fitting that he gets stiffer like a solid doesn’t want to hear that kind of thing he doesn’t want to know that she might have felt something for someone else who also had some

Flashbacks from the first movie which was really nice, I also noticed they didn’t have any flashbacks from the second movie which I feel very intense


It’s obvious why I didn’t feel like this movie focused mainly on the heart and Tessa and their relationship, but it also focused on family dramas on both sides

The situation of the Hardin family and Tessa’s father and the things that really focused not only on their relationship but also on the family things that I really love and I think that’s like the main theme of these books is how messy their families are and you wonder why they can’t have a normal relationship

Because they don’t have really great examples, we’ve also seen and mentioned it to Hardin magazine

After We Fell | Watching free Release Date 22 OCTOBER 2021 UK

Which I love, I feel like anytime we get that in every movie I’m like yeah yeah yeah like we’re alluding to in the last movie I’m glad that’s not

The thing that gets forgotten in these movies is they really make sure to include Hardin magazine, I’m surprised they include Tessa’s fertility I kind of guess they wouldn’t include that in the movie because we didn’t have a conversation between Heart and Tessa

Where Hardin says he doesn’t want to get married or have kids and maybe that was cut out of that movie I don’t know but I don’t think we ever got that conversation in any of the movies in that scene I wasn’t really expecting to see her in the movie, to be honest but I’m glad they did and I guess


He’s definitely going to add drama to their relationship in the next movie and I thought Josephine did a great job in that scene. You can tell it really is.

Uh it was emotional and I thought it was cool even though this movie is really more emotional and heavy and it was cute as if it had some nice moments

There were a few funny moments like a little comedy but it wasn’t like getting over it and it made sense because Hardin is cute to a funny guy sometimes in the book like he’s making funny comments and jokes so I feel like I was in the movie too and it was kind of like what happened in

In this very natural way it wasn’t like he was trying to be funny I guess the only scene I didn’t really like was the phone love scene I’m not a fan of how

The scene was filmed, I really don’t like close-ups like lips and teeth and all that dress I really don’t like close-ups of facial features and me

I feel like the acting was a bit harsh in this scene specifically in the hero’s ending but the end of that scene kind of made sense and it was obviously important for this scene to be in

The film again kind of got my thoughts a bit all over the place I feel like the beginning of the movie was a bit tough like the first two scenes a bit

It’s kinda hard to get into but once you got past those scenes it felt like it was kind of on that natural beat and the beat was a lot better after that Because every kind of book is picked up after the last one, it’s really hard for the movie to like jumping into the movie story right away and I feel like that’s kind of hard and

I get why they decided to do some kind of flashback to my dad Tess, I can’t really think of my favorite scene, to be honest, I really liked all of them

The soft, sweet moments between Harden and Tessa, but I also really liked all the scenes of their heavy and emotional arguments that I think

You did a great job with all of those and you can really feel how they were arguing and fighting, I think some of my favorite scenes are the ones where Hardin walks in
Trish and Vance,

I think hiro did a really good job in this scene but I think they all did really well like this scene was very emotional


Too heavy and they argue and fight and it’s done well and I’m very happy with this scene, I also like the scene afterward when I do some kind of breaks
down and has such an emotional meltdown and Tesla comforts him I loved that scene too I loved the ending of this movie and the music they made

Playing the fight I loved how they included that song and thought it fit the movie well and that’s exactly

A whole scene from a hardcore find out about Vance, I like how it wasn’t very obvious but if you connect the dots it makes sense that you’re like Oh my gosh, this is really his dad and I loved all the other scenes like with Hardin and Tessa as much as the other characters like I loved Quiz

Scenes with Kimberly and Landon and with Robert and even her scenes with Richard I really enjoyed the rough scenes like his daddy and the Earth, he was cute
It’s nice to see them bonding a lot and scenes with Vance as it was nice to have separate scenes with different characters but they also had

Lots of scenes with stiffness and Tessa I feel like they mixed everything up really well Like I was very happy with this movie Like I said I liked all the soft moments too
Like a Seattle hug that I really loved,

I also loved all the moments they were like cuddling in bed I thought it was really sweet and I Just like you being so affectionate and cute I loved all those scenes too I really liked the gym scene which was great I loved how we had such

A very emotional heavy moment and I loved Hiro’s delivery of his lines in those scenes too I guess that’s it for all the spoilers I wanted to talk about

I’m really happy with this movie, I think it was a very fine edit, it had a shared core and I think it has the main points and plots of the book in my opinion.

It didn’t include any unnecessary scenes, everything made sense, it flowed great, I’m really happy with this movie and I just feel like I Repeating the same things over and over but it was really good if you don’t like it after our crash and you’re hesitant to watch this please go watch it


Much better and you will be much happier with it, Hirongo did a good job and I feel the entire cast and crew should be very proud of this movie.

It was done really well and this was a great adaptation, I usually capture everything and don’t think there are things that I can pick up

This one I really like I don’t feel like I have anything too negative to say I think maybe the only thing I really didn’t like was the soundtrack but that’s To be honest, there isn’t much to do with the movie,

I’m so glad I decided to go watch it and I’m honestly so thankful and so happy that they decided to make the last two really excited.

to watch the last movie and I never thought I would say that because I was so disappointed after our crash and After We Fell | Watching  I was scared of this movie and

I never thought we’d actually see Hisa on screen, but in the end, we did, I feel like Hirono looks wise and like

Wise acting is a nice thing but I feel like this story, in general, wasn’t really hiss and we finally figured out I feel in my opinion anyway I guess that’s kind of for him

To be honest, I feel like I really talked about everything I wanted to talk about, and I know that once edited This blogging there is something I want to mention


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