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Asus Gaming Monitor | 240Hz Ultimate Monitor for Gaming USA


Asus Gaming Monitor | 240Hz Ultimate Monitor for Gaming UAS

Topic: Asus Gaming Monitor

Asus Gaming Monitor | 240Hz Ultimate Monitor for Gaming UAS


I have something very special to show you all he sent us all huge package guys just received it let me show you so this is what the company sent us now Asus Gaming Monitor By looking at the box itself, you guys may already know what this item is, yes it is a gaming monitor but the thing is that it is not just a normal game

, the great thing about this monitor is that it got a very high 240Hz refresh rate with a super-fast response time of 1 millisecond.

This thing offers a silky smooth gaming experience, it’s amazing, I can’t wait to unpack and check it out and that’s not the only cool thing. It’s a free sync screen and it’s also certified as incompatible with G that means

This monitor will offer lag-free gameplay for super-smooth responsive gaming without any kind of screen tearing.

Shot at 240fps on this screen, I can’t wait to give it a try so let’s start with blogging So the Asus rog Strix xg2 Asus Gaming Monitor  for 8q comes in this kind of package, it’s a very big box and it easily weighs about 9kg on the front side

ASUS ROG Strix 27” 2K HDR Gaming Monitor

Asus Gaming Monitor | 240Hz Ultimate Monitor for Gaming UAS

  • XG27AQM Monitor
  • HDMI cable;DisplayPort cable
  • USB cable;Power cord & adapter
  • Calibration report
  • ROG stickers


You have the ROG Strix brand and a screenshot here and guys you know what the best part about this ROG Streaks Asus Gaming Monitor comes ASIS or RGB lighting sink is really cool we have RGB lighting even on the screen

So here we have all the features of the product, we got a fast refresh rate of 240Hz as it supports an ultra-fast response time of milliseconds

Ultra-low motion blur provides one-click visual enhancements as Asus Ora RGB lighting with ultra-low blue light levels has AMD-enabled flicker-free technology

It is frozen and also certified as non-G compatible which means you will have a lag-free gaming experience without any screen tearing.

It has all its features The gaming monitor comes nicely packed like this into a thermal call and we seem to have a lot of things along with that so let me show

This is a monitor stand, has the iconic Force 3 Electra design from the tough ROG series, and looks very sturdy and attractive besides

You have a high-quality ROG DisplayPort cable, a free standard HDMI cable, and a display power adapter, which is a 19V 3.42A adapter.

A package of documents which includes a user manual and warranty card is called, I also got an acrylic LED light card with the ROG logo you usually get Two or three of those are in the box but to

For some reason, I only got one of these in the box so these are all the accessories we got in the package now let’s finally check the screen it comes in ok Packed like this, let me just take it out and remove this card on top of it there you go, so here’s your insanely new gaming monitor from ASOS

This is how it feels like this thing feels very heavy in the hand as the monitor itself faces around 3.5kg without the stand and it only smokes

ASUS ROG Swift 27” 1440P Gaming Monitor (PG279QM) – WQHD

Asus Gaming Monitor | 240Hz Ultimate Monitor for Gaming UAS

  • PG279QM monitor
  • Power adapter; Power cord; DisplayPort cable
  • HDMI cable; USB3.0 cable; Warranty Card
  • Quick start guide,;Color calibration report
  • ROG welcome card; ROG sticker


Look at this design on the back and be amazed at the brand Asus and rog all over it has a nice circuit like a well futuristic design this is our first look

The product now what I will do is I will quickly show you how to fix it, understand that it is very easy to do

You just need to align it properly and then insert it on top of the mount just like this Now take the provided screw and fix the base well that’s it Guys your gaming monitor is ready to use now let me give you all a product overview and talk about it

Design and build quality, the XG 2 for 8 in the ISA grim zone is the fastest gaming monitor ever from Asus with 240Hz Ultra High Refresh.

Rate and offers an ultra-fast response time of 1ms, which is some of the next-level things talking about the screen, it has a 24″ 23.8″ screen

To be precise and has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it has a bold continuous streamlined design of the Rog Series and has a beautiful design
Looks like a three-legged tripod with red accents all around, the monitor stand is made entirely of metal with solid material

The structure and holds the screen strongly and this is what the Strix XG 2 4 8 Q looks like from the back, it has a beautiful appearance in dark gray and red
combination and has our  logo in the middle,

I have to say the design looks very much inspired by the circle-like patterns in the back giving this Keep an eye out for a full futuristic look and you’ll see this silver light ring in the center that lights up everything in RGB and offers plenty of all-lighting modes. Customizable by the user even at the top

I’ve got the Asus logo with plenty of vents to let the heat escape and it also comes with a built-in speaker so now let me show you the dashboard on the In the bottom right corner, we have the Kensington lock and going to the far left where we have all the buttons and controls let me introduce you

Asus Rog Swift PG35VQ 35” Curved HDR Gaming Monitor 

Asus Gaming Monitor | 240Hz Ultimate Monitor for Gaming UAS

200Hz Refresh Rate and 2ms (GTG) Response Time

With an astonishing overclockable 200 Hz refresh rate and 2 ms gray-to-gray response time, ROG Swift PG35VQ handles even the fastest-moving visuals.


A closer look so at the top you have their own joystick fire to easily navigate through the menu, the quality is very good below I got some buttons which include the game exit button + hotkey and the visual game button which also includes menu and finally power button with quality

These buttons look nice by touch and click, and if you think about where all the display connection ports are they are cleverly hidden.

Behind this cover, you can easily snap it like this and access all those ports on the underside you have DC in port Two USB 3.0 2 HDMI 2.0

Two Laporte ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack So those are all the connectivity ports available now, let me tell you about the Strix XG 2’s angle adjustments for 8q
Features an ergonomically designed stand

Provides sweeping adjustments in all possible directions, you can rotate it easily like this from plus 50 to minus 50 degrees, you can also tilt it from plus 20

Degrees to minus 5 degrees The monitor also supports height adjustment from 0 to all ways up to 120mm and not only that you can also rotate the monitor
Like this 90 degrees clockwise so you can get the perfect viewing angle the user wants which is absolutely fantastic

Guys plugged the XG 2 for HQ gaming monitor into my PC and This is what looks nice like it has a narrow bezel design, so it’s also suitable for a multi-screen setup, and when you turn on the screen,

Watch this beautiful projection on your desk, the monitor has a customizable light signature that allows you to create and customize your own projection

By default, you get to drop the ROG logo which looks really cool and gives full gaming feel to your desktop, now let me show you quickly List of screens and all their features

Thanks, G2 for HQ has a feature-rich list with lots of unofficial modes like Scene mode, Racing mode, Cinema mode, RPG MOBA, and also FPS mode, so use it
You can set the screen to the type of game you are playing and it also has an sRGB mode which then switches you have a blue light filter now that’s a very useful thing

It helps you protect your eyes from harmful blue light by providing up to four different levels to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the screen I Will come back to that later in the video

Now let’s continue with the list going down the list, you have a lot of color settings which include color temperature, contrast, and saturation And also gamma in the picture settings you have OD levels, very smart contrast ratio, very low motion blur, and also adaptive sync settings you need to turn on

In setting to enable g-sync or free sync plus you have input settings system settings which include a lot of options like you can set The display brightness of ASIS lights, sync options, or RGB lighting effects Audio settings USB hub settings and some other general settings such as OSD language

power in cater finally the factory said this is a detailed look at the xg2 for its menu and as you can see I have connected the DisplayPort wire and it is on 1080p resolution with 240Hz refresh rate, I have to say you will feel a huge difference once you plug it in

This screen comes from 60Hz, this thing looks absolutely insane, it’s about 4 times faster than the average screen and feels very smooth including

mouse cursor movement just look at that point on the screen everything slides on the screen I’m really excited to see how this thing performs All games so I told you guys that

This XG 2 4 8 monitor supports Free Sync technology and is also certified as non-G compatible, so I’m going to give you both demos in this blogs now.

You have an Nvidia card in my computer so I will first give you a demo of the gameplay with g-sync enabled then we will change the GPU and also check the free sync as you do

The current resolution can be seen as 1080P and the refresh rate is set to 240Hzwhich is the highest screen refresh rate so enabling J sync is very simple so you need to have either a GTX 10 series or r-tx 20 series

GPU and also G-sync supported screen like this, just open Nvidia control panel and click setup j sync on the left, you just need to enable this g-sync compatible
Checkmark and that’s it guys, you’re all set for a tear-free butter experience

Smooth gameplay so let me play a game with g-sync enabled on this screen and show you how this screen performs plus we will also talk about the picture

Quality and Color Reproduction Oh my gosh, just look at the gameplay this monitor plays, feels so good and delivers a silky smooth experience

There is a vast difference coming from 60Hz to 240Hz, everything looks smooth with no screen tearing or choppy frames anywhere

All thanks to async, you’ve got an ultra-fast 1ms response time, no sort of case or input lag phasing yet, and absolutely Enjoy the gaming experience

Well that was a demo of how to play on this screen with g-sync enabled now what I’m going to do now is I’m going to change my NVIDIA GPU with AMD and also give you
Offer to play with free sync enabled

so I’m back guys I installed Asus Strix Vega 64 GP on my computer this is AMD GPU so now we can enable free sync and check

Performance It’s very easy to enable free sync just open Radeon settings go to the display section and toggle free sync so you can see xg2 for 8 Q supports both
Free sync with reduced G sync so it doesn’t matter

Any GPU you have on this screen will give you a smooth and smooth gaming experience with no screen tearing, now let’s play a game for free Enable sync and see how this monitor performs, by the way, I play all these games with the gamepad, and also you can monitor the frame

The modifier in the upper right corner of the screen sacred Molly This is amazing, I think I absolutely love this screen, just look at the high frame rates and see how smooth the game you know for free.

Sync and sync are sure to make a huge difference in gaming, and this monitor also supports flicker-free technology to reduce on-screen flicker and reduce Eye strain while gaming, also supports ultra-low motion blur with a millisecond response time to eliminate any kind of lag or blur.

Offering more fluid and responsive gameplay that speaks volumes, the XG 2 for 8 Q comes with the company’s TN panel

These monitors are designed with hardcore gamers in mind, and the main reason they use a TN Panel is that the TN Panel achieves higher refresh rates with lower
Response time compared to an IPS panel but the only thing about a TN panel is that it has lower viewing angles and provides lower color reproduction on my usage

which I felt that it was not producing true 8-bit color and that the color accuracy and color reproduction were not as good as the IPS panel but the truth is that this monitor was Not made for photo or video editing

Production is designed only for games with the lowest input lag and the highest possible refresh rates and in this segment, this is one of the best Gaming monitors have so far seen a maximum brightness of around 400 nits and have an anti-glare coating to reduce a lot of reflections.

I played Janet’s Pub, just check out this smooth, buttery game, one more thing I would like to mention is in order to make the most of this screenplay You have to have a beast like a gaming PC to push those frame rates down to 240 fps.

Performing this the most important thing I would like to mention is that the ROG XG 2 for 8 q is tuv certified and also offers very low blue light filters

Reduce the blue light coming from the screen, and by enabling this option it protects your eyes from harmful blue light, you can easily access the settings From the screen menu and set the level according to your requirements well

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