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Best Projector for Gaming | HEADSHOT | 4K HDR Support USA


Best Projector for Gaming | HEADSHOT | 4K HDR Support USA

Topic: Best Projector for Gaming

Best Projector for Gaming | HEADSHOT | 4K HDR Support USA

I’m your review guy and today I’m going to show you guys the best gaming monitor on Amazon and if you ever want to go through the blogosphere to check this out
A projector for yourself I put the Amazon links below but the US and Canada help fund this channel at no additional cost to you

So the best gaming projector on amazon I found is the BenQ TH685 which is a 1080p HDR projector with 120Hz and very low input lag I also want to make a little note that the yellow-purple-green sort of bar you see in the clips I’m giving you isn’t actually there, it’s just

BenQ TH685 1080p Best Projector for Gaming 

Best Projector for Gaming | HEADSHOT | 4K HDR Support USA

Total projector rookie here but these pictures are on a flat gray, no texture wall (brand new home literally a week old) and the screen size is approximately 150″. While I hate flat gray paint when I put the projector up it was like I’d discovered the holy grail. I already had bought a silver screen 120″ but I am returning it.

The projector light interacts with my camera, but for now, let’s dive into the projector and the first thing I want to talk about is input lag, so most projectors

Only to watch movies or other TV shows and they don’t take games into account now because this input lag can be very high and pretty much make it impossible to play on a projector, but this BenQ TH685 projector is actually built for gaming specifically and is actually low latency mode and The input lag is even smaller than some high-end 4K TVs I’ve found to come at just 8.3

milliseconds, so there is virtually no lag between console, console, and projector, so you’ll get a very smooth and immersive experience gaming experience now the next thing I want to talk about is brightness now this projector is incredibly bright even in the middle of the day with windows

Open in the light-filled room, you will still be able to enjoy games on this projector or watch movies without problems now, the actual stats for this The projector has three and a half thousand lumens

So this is good if you want to use this for an outdoor projector when you have nice summer weather, because of the brightness

This projector as long as there is no direct sunlight falling where you are projecting this, will be able to project

The picture is fine, it works fine in the highlight settings now because this monitor is so bright you actually don’t need a screen with it now I’d say This is because I already tested it with both the wall and a really cool display, and I preferred the picture on the wall

Which honestly saves a few hundred dollars because beautiful projective screens can get pretty pricey, and even if you don’t have a completely white wall if
It has a yellowish-white or light gray wall,

the TH685 actually has color correction settings where you can go into it and set the color of the monitor to Complete the color on your wall ok now let’s talk about true resolution quickly so it’s a 1080p projector and as far as projectors go+
It’s a little different from 1080p TVs which is a really great value

1080p is great especially for this price point I didn’t spot any graininess in the game it actually has very nice black levels for being a projector And it really gives a really solid image again, and I know it’s a little distorted by the color gamuts that are reflected off the camera

But no camera can do this projector justice, it does a really great job of rendering the image in-game now let’s get in

The size range of this projector can be up to 150 inches at a distance of about 12 feet Now this is obviously a huge size and you can get a lot smaller

Best Projector for Gaming | HEADSHOT | 4K HDR Support USA

BENQ TH685 Best Projector for Gaming 




BENQ TH685i Best Projector for Gaming 




then this so it has a wide range of how big and small it is but games of this size I got it up to a hundred in the space where I am good Games now look amazing and it’s a completely different and immersive experience on TV for eight hundred dollars you get a hundred inches And for a 4K TV, if you like it, they don’t make 100 inch TVs

But a few thousand dollars would be nice, and that’s the nice thing about gaming and movie projectors, you get much more volume and immersion for the money the money you pay so playing games of this size is an absolute blast it’s a totally different experience like I said before black levels were really good
This price point and because it is a projector and because of its brightness of three and a half thousand lumens, it perfectly lights up the room and really creates

Great experience in the game but now I want to talk about its auto skew feature now it is in very expensive and high-quality monitors
So this feature function is basically making sure the image your projector creates is flat and angle wise flowing onto your wall and the cool part about it is that it
Automatic so you don’t have to press any buttons for this to work

Whenever you tilt the projector up and down, it will automatically adjust so that the image is flat and flat against the wall, which is a great feature all around Whether you plan to mount this on the ceiling or if you plan to move this appliance a lot of moving from room to room or indoors out

The keystone feature will take all the hassle out of making sure this projector is flat and flush against the wall I said at the beginning of this blogs but this monitor is 120hz so you can play 1080p at 120hz which provides a really smooth experience in the game now I connected my x box  series and x box series x in this monitor and games run very smoothly and picture looks great but slash input lag 120Hz and low latency from this

The projector makes it one of the best projectors for gaming on amazon but now I want to talk about screen mirroring so I really like that it has screen mirroring just for the fact that it makes this more of a high tech projector It not only accept Chromecast for android and windows 10,

it also supports Airplace whether you have an apple device or whether you have an android and windows 10 device Laptop or computer, this will be able to display the mirror without wires, it’s way less difficult than connecting all those wires to the projector

The good thing about this feature is that it connects and stays connected, so if you plan to watch movies on a separate device and stream them to your projector

This feature works fine and now the next pro version I must have is all about the same company now this projector has a three-year warranty Any BenQ is really good at taking care of the support team at BenQ, they are very responsive, so if you have any issues at all with this monitor they will be dealt with

Take care of it very fast, punctual and quick to get back to you and the next professional for this projector is Settings

Now it has a lot of settings which is great if you want the perfect picture connection to satisfy all your personal preferences but if you are a person He just wants to connect this projector and turn on the factory settings that are automatically turned on on this projector too, but nonetheless

He said there is a bit of a learning curve since this is an extensive settings menu on this monitor, but once you take some time with it and fiddle with it

It is very easy to use and very fun to learn now, I want to talk about the android version and the non-android version, so the-685 is the version I have and it has an android built-in projector but there is also the normal version the-685 which is just a projector and no android tv built-in now is the device

the one I have with android built-in is 50 more expensive, that is the only difference with it has android built-in so I would actually go for 685 Buy a Fire Stick or a Roku Flow









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