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Blog Self Improvement | EGO Definition | BE READY TO LEARN 13

Blog Self Improvement | EGO Definition | BE READY TO LEARN 13

Blog Self Improvement | EGO Definition | BE READY TO LEARN 13

Topic: Blog Self Improvement

Everyone you ever meet knows something that you do not be willing to learn from them.

BE READY TO LEARN Blog Self Improvement

Learning is a never-ending process and we can learn something from everybody that we come across in life. Now moment you stop learning, you stop growing.

Blog Self Improvement | EGO Definition | BE READY TO LEARN 13

There are three kinds of people:

1. The first category is those who are wise enough to learn from others’ mistakes. Such people rise in life at the fastest speed. They always have a mentor who guides them through the ups and downs.

2. The second category is those who learn from their own mistakes. Such people are often self – employed, and manage to achieve average success. This is so because their logic does not allow them to learn from others, but they are smart enough to learn from their own failure.

3. The third category encompasses the majority of people in society, who learn neither from their own failures nor from others’ mistakes. They become rigid when someone offers them advice, and have a negative attitude.

They want to change the world, but they are not willing to change themselves at all. They think they know enough, and therefore, there is no room for self-improvement.

‘ Success does not mean never making mistakes,

but implies never making

the same mistake a second time ‘.

So, learn from your mistakes, which is called experience.

Tone down your ego | ego definition | Blog Self Improvement

In ancient Inidia, students went to gurukuls, where they stayed with the teacher to learn.

The gurukul had students from all backgrounds living together, irrespective of their financial status or position in society. ramrod still A long time ago, in one such gurukul, a student, who was the son of the king of that land, thought himself be much superior to others.

Blog Self Improvement | EGO Definition | BE READY TO LEARN 13

The guru observed this, and so decided to teach the boy a lesson. to most misal to Pobi On the very first day, during the initiation, all the students were lined-up in a row with bowls in their hands. The guru then offered each one some holy water, which was hot, in their bowl. to al joue done audutaim .

When it was the king’s son’s turn, the guru poured the holy water in his bowl, and did not stop pouring even when the bowl was full. As a result, some of the hot water fell on the boy’s feet.

This angered him and he screamed at the guru to stop pouring at once. bridi sif of ego on The guru replied politely, ‘ Son, you are already full and anger, and thus there is no room left in you to imbibe and learn anything from the outside.

You can either have an ego or you can have room for learning. ‘ The boy realized the deep meaning of the guru’s words. Nero anamovog Buford his

‘ Ego is the manifestation of your pride for what you know and what you have ‘.

Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but instead by what you should have been able to accomplish with your ability.

One’s ego puts a lid on growth that you can still make with your innate abilities. One of my friends, who lives in New Zealand, runs his own restaurant there. Once, a prominent member of the New Zealand cricket team, who played for them on an international level, came to dine at the restaurant.

My friend, who did not know the cricketer, asked him what work he did. The cricketer very simply replied, ‘ I play cricket for my country.

‘ This answer is carried only self-esteem, not ego.

Learn wherever and whenever.

If you are humble you tend to learn from every situation,

good or bad.

Blog Self Improvement | EGO Definition | BE READY TO LEARN 13

Life is a school There is something new to learn wherever we are, wherever we go, and wherever we turn ‘.

Tough times teach us resilience, and build our character, while good times reward us for the strengths we thus develop. Blog Self Improvement Electric breakdowns can teach us the value of electricity;

while drought can teach us the value of water, and a missed train can teach us the value of one minute.

Likewise, financial challenges teach us the value of money, failures can teach us the value of success, and death can teach us the value of life. ‘

No matter what you have learned from life, what is most important is how you best use what you have learned

Unconditional submission derives unconditional support Blog Self Improvement

Blog Self Improvement Submission means submitting to a person for a larger goal. Thus, only those who have a mission in their life, submit to others who will help them accomplish that mission.

‘Submission is a strength, not a weakness. Therefore, only strong people submit, while weak people argue ‘.From childhood, children are taught to submit to teachers and parents.

The children who submit most, learn best. In the epic Mahabharata, rishi Dronacharya was a teacher to the Kauravas and the Pandavas. He gave everybody the same lessons, but of them all, Arjuna grew up to be the best archer.

The reason was his unconditional submission towards his guru. When you submit unconditionally, you are bound to get the love and blessings of your mentors.

‘ Learning leads to the elevation of character through the broadening of vision and deepening of feelings ‘.

Visionaries have mentors in life, and they consciously keep an eye on what they can learn from them. Consistent learning strengthens their character and builds a bridge between the two points – one, where they are right now and the other, where they want to be, ultimately. ‘

Asking for help is strength, not a weakness ‘.Blog Self Improvement

Enter Asking for help is also a way to learn. If you ask for help, it means that either you cannot do that particular thing by yourself, or you don’t want to do it. Some people fail because they do not ask for help, thinking it will expose their weaknesses.

But if you are not able to achieve success because you did not ask for help, that again is not your strength. Thus, one must learn to ask for help. When you command someone to help you, you may not get it, but if you ask or request for it, you will definitely get it.

Be quick to listen and slow to speak To be a good learner, you must become a good listener. Nature has provided us two ears but just one mouth so that our listening and speaking should be in the ratio of .

Blog Self Improvement | EGO Definition | BE READY TO LEARN 13

People who speak too much, do not learn anything. Since they don’t learn, their talk remains ineffective. Do you know what it means when people say that ‘ talk is cheap ‘? It means that when you speak too much, the supply of words is more than its Listening is the strength of winners.

Blog Self Improvement Weak people have no time for learning because they spend their time arguing. Do you want to prove that you are right, or do you want to grow? By arguing you may prove your point, but you will not learn anything.

When such people go to a motivational seminar, they come back blank, without having learned anything. Although they were not arguing at the seminar, they were not listening to the speaker, either.

‘ Many receive advice; only the wise profit from it ‘.

My listening is not sufficient for learning unless you benefit from it. Some of my student’s parents come to me for counseling for their children, complaining that their children do not Do you think this is true?

The answer is, No. Every child listens to what his or her parents advise them but very few are wise enough to the good advice. You will find the following put up at most schools :

Blog Self Improvement | EGO Definition | BE READY TO LEARN 13

Knowledge Is Power Blog Self Improvement

But this quote is incomplete because what you do with the knowledge skills that you have learned at school is far more listen to them. the benefit is important. You If do not practice your knowledge and skills, then over a period of time, you will start losing the knowledge from your conscious mind.

I did my civil engineering degree from a reputed engineering college in Chandigarh, but for the last fifteen years, I have not used my knowledge of the subject in any way. So if you ask me to construct a bridge today, I will know nothing about it.

But one of my close friends has spent all his time using his knowledge of civil engineering companies in New USA. at work, and he is now the CEO of a leading construction So, we can safely say that

Applied Knowledge is Power ‘

. Thus, if you are just listening to your parents and teachers, you are just gaining knowledge. But if you are that

knowledge constructively, then you will benefit from it because now what you have is applied knowledge. ‘

One should be ready to learn from any source because learning has no age – limits, either for a student or for a teacher ‘.

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