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Brand New Cherry Flavor | Series Review Brand New Cherry Flavor 2022

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Brand New Cherry Flavor | Series Review Brand New Cherry Flavor 2022

Topic: Brand New Cherry Flavor

Brand New Cherry Flavor | Series Review Brand New Cherry Flavor 2022

Hey all I have Netflix limited series review for you right now

This is for an interesting This is for a brand new Cherry flavor This is a show based on the Todd Grimson book Brand New Cherry Flavor Occult and it stars Rosa Salazar as the main character Lisa, she is an aspiring filmmaker in 90s Hollywood who gets a chance to make films but So she basically pulls the rug out from under her in a particularly nasty and disturbing way.

So Lisa then turns to a dark spell to seek her revenge. I’ve never seen anything like a brand new cherry flavor before and I don’t want to spoil An ounce of this is for you right now,

Do the sacrilege of this physical justice, but I’ll tell you there’s a whole bunch of body horrors going on here. that I will never see and i mean as a compliment it is all so well executed i really want to know the answer everything is working out

so badly here and there is a very mesmerizing quality to this show that made me super entertained and annoyed all the way but admit that when I had finally hit the end of a brand new cherry flavor I don’t know if it all comes together as clearly as I could have expected and wanted but I was still like Fascinated by the unfolding situation and even more

real-world commentary in the mix and all the supernatural world-building components that I really loved being in this realm, in general, I was Totally fascinated every single step of the way and eventually, I probably wouldn’t feel like spending even more time in this world.

Know I’m a big fan of Nick Antosca, especially because of Channel Zero here Antosca serves as executive producer Another Channel Zero alum with showrunner and writer Lenore Zone so as a big fan of that show they worked together, it probably wouldn’t be a surprise

Whatever I was overjoyed to feel some Chanel Zero vibes in the brand new Cherry flavor, I’d say the tone pacing is due to the attention to detail. an ever-evolving supernatural horror

mystery and yet Itasca and co hung up on every single new detail I discovered and yet here’s another person that I would follow up on any project she does herself

It’s Rosa Salazar when she does something else here, for lack of better words, uh studio friendly or four-quadrant-ish I guess I always find her breathes a unique sense of life into her characters which usually makes her the major standout in projects in which she is also a big fan of boulder things on his resume

I would say take the stylistic or technical swings that basically won’t work unless they get every single ounce for what appears to be The very demanding roles and the brand new Cherry flavor definitely fall into that ladder category and I would say Salazar is really playing in that space.

It’s a mind-bending character journey and hey, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think I was 100 clear on what was going on in every single moment of the show and I would also say that things don’t always add up, at least in a mathematical black and white way, but rather all wobble and Doubt and confusion that the characters themselves experience in the show the way I would say the end result

makes sense for the series and also works what always seems very clear to me and serves as a strong guiding light for the show Did Salazar have the conviction to play Lisa whether she was hellbent on getting what she wanted, no matter what the cost, or maybe she was having second thoughts about it?

Brand New Cherry Flavor | Series Review Brand New Cherry Flavor 2022
There isn’t so much logic behind the consequences of her decisions or just making an impulsive choice that I still feel like I’ve always felt it and that Realizing that it can be frustrating and confusing at times, but I guess it’s what you know someone’s mind

Show kind of need to pull together three more major standouts in the performance department, which I’d like to point out here to Eric Lang, Katherine Keener, and Jeff Ward Ward is yet another Channel Zero Talent in

which he plays a character named Roy and he is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood right now and he winds up a thing for Lisa and I think their chemistry and the attraction to Roy supports their own

personal experience in the show but it also solidifies Lisa as a character which contributes to the fundamentally magnetic quality that Salazar gives the character on his own. I love them both together and actually, I think the same thing happens to Keener when Boro is involved.

There are red flags everywhere but there’s an undeniable warmth and charm with Keener in that role and look. Someone like Lisa shares those feelings and gravitates towards it, it only heightens the wakina who brings herself to the role and I just couldn’t get enough

How does she get herself into the part in which the costume design cats I could go on and on and then Lang is here in a movie as brilliant as Lou Burke Producer Joe becomes the target of Lisa’s wrath, even though I had a very clear sense of what it was about the second he appeared on the screen.

Manipulating the situation is still a good deal and it very well fuels the desire to see Lisa She thinks she wants to but I will also point out that Lou’s experience takes some interesting turns when it comes to emotional
reaction to his experience on the show i mean I impress him he really sucks but he does something in the tail end of the show

Brand New Cherry Flavor | Series Review Brand New Cherry Flavor 2022
Which never demands forgiveness, but comes with a very important emotional wall that I was absolutely unprepared for and was deeply affected by

I’m going to give the brand new Cherry Flavor Dewey four out of five on the Dewey Decimovie Scale, but with one caveat it throws a lot at you. It doesn’t completely wrap.

super neatly and I suspect some might question whether it was worth it to me in the end, although it certainly was for a variety of reasons The craftsmanship displayed here are some surprisingly practical and visual effects on this show that I can’t get enough of performance also Salazar is a star and it’s about time he is more widely recognized as one and then I was completely sucked into the world thanks

Powerful atmosphere The unique cadence of the show as well as the never-ending series of curiosities that come with the laws of magic The brand new cherry flavor used here is just a real trippy mind-melting ride that questions what one is willing to sacrifice to get and I just really dug it so you guys go where I drop you on the brand new cherry flavor I say this all the time but this is one of those people where I need to know what
you think when you look at it especially

When some of those sacred moments come when you need to be someone like you, did you see that hit the comments section below and tell me yours Responses OK Before I leave you Patreon shoutout time because this review is coming your way Courtesy of Ian You all know how strongly

I feel about ian at the moment he is one of the best who has got excellent taste in movies and shows and I think his world is so ian thank you for coming here thank you for supporting me and the things I love is you are a super cool guy my friend thanks to everyone out there

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