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Dwayne Johnson Fast and Furious | F9 The Fast Saga (4K UHD) 2021

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Dwayne Johnson Fast and Furious | F9 The Fast Saga (4K UHD) 2021

Topic; Dwayne Johnson Fast and Furious

F9 directed by Justin Lin who made three, four, five and six.
So close as if he made two favorites five and six, so in the latest


Crypto enlists the help of Jacob’s younger brother Dom to get revenge on Dom and his crew, who are leading them as usual on hilarious chases around the world in really fast cars.
Crazy stuff from the bridges and cliffs in the city streets and some other places that a lot of people suggested they might go to

One day I’m a fan of the look of this franchise, I have the set of frames to get excited about for these movies I enjoy watching, they are the right kind of movie that you need every once in a while
All year round, a really mindless stupid movie that lets you just enjoy and kind of release


Of the interest of the world, some installments are better than others and some are more forgettable when it comes to f9, all these films have very little ever
I pushed towards absurd at speed five I think still the best but even that movie was with their cars and [__] bank vaults just behind them
I stumbled across the road and it was so funny and funny there were six people flying across the bridge [__]


Which didn’t really make sense, I think they really lost me in this movie as I like doodling, but this movie is laughable, it’s 100 cartoons
It’s the closest to the fun this franchise has ever had, all done with skill. Justin Lin is a great director and he’s very good
With the action scenes but the dialogue, the characterization, and the things that happen in this movie might be sci-fi, I got to a point where I couldn’t

I really think

Anything that was happening to the humans in that movie would be bouncing around like they were a billiard ball in a pool game, being hit all over the cars.
Often hunted by humans from the fall, in the beginning of the movie Brian meets Dom and Letty’s son and they have this quiet life together but then are brought back
At work when tyreese and ludacris

Show up

And they didn’t really explain what they did with Brian the whole time like they were out in the middle of nowhere purposely away from everyone like who
Babysitting Brian

Where was that poor kid locked up in a wooden box in this entire movie, I know the things that happen in that movie are totally ridiculous.

And I would have guessed that with these movies, but fast movies always on that line, they were kind of threatening to swing In a parody but they have always been so

Eager to survive

In a sense somewhat realistic where you can at least watch the movie and invest in it without indulging in laughter every time a human is thrown

20 stories in a tub of water with concrete debris flying over him and then he has a vision and we’re supposed to take that very seriously what happens in this movie

Movies were too good to swing on that line writer Chris Morgan wrote every two to eight movie including Hobbs and Shaw, and this is the first movie not to include Chris Morgan

Since the original fast, angry and honest

I never realized how much the writer or the Fast and the Furious franchise got because that doesn’t really sound like someone who feels like

They imitate someone, but they go on, kind of appeasing a lot of internet cravings and jokes and memes about what would be outrageous fast

In the end I think they took it seriously and did a lot of it and watching it knock me out
From experience I mean Vin Diesel picked up John Cena in this movie and then John Cena goes through an open doorway and the back of Vin Diesel

The head smashes into the door frame and doesn’t even move it’s just like a steel wall smashing through that door frame and it’s like huh what was that

He doesn’t even react until you’re like wow and then the same thing happens to that other big guy except he’s on top of a truck [__] and he comes after him
A large green metal street sign is like a highway plowing through his head just like him


[Laughter] If you go to that movie knowing it’s kind of a comedy, you’ll have a good time if you want it to be like the other one fast Dwayne Johnson Fast and Furious

Movies I think you might be disappointed by the fact that it isn’t and you can tell the filmmakers this time they totally understand because they have a Tyrese theory throughout the movie

Whether she’s indomitable silly or not, she’s like no, we’re just lucky Terris, I think we might be superheroes and he starts naming all things

They survived and then as you know from the trailers, Han also magically returned despite his death and so there’s all this like speculation.

During the movie about are they actually just superheroes, are they invincible, I don’t know I thought it was kinda stupid frankly, I understood that they are

self-aware but I don’t know it kinda got me out of the movie the middle part of this movie is really hanging off there’s a great early action sequence
That was really exciting but we had to explain why Han is back with this high-end flashback and all this talk about some kind of hardware they’re trying to get then

More flashbacks with John Cena and Vin Diesel and what they were doing when they were kids, the middle part of the movie feels like a lot of setting

As for the inevitable next movie that should be called fx if they don’t call it effects, I don’t know what [__] they’re doing in a way that f9 looks like a movie set

Another movie and this is very disappointing, these movies don’t have to do anything except great fight scenes and car chases and this is talk about the inevitable fight scenes
The clash between John Cena and Vin Diesel was really weak nothing like rock vs diesel in f5

This was like a minute or something that was kind of [__] actually I’m surprised a lot of people know something going on in this movie but

Some of you may not be so I’ll give a very small spoiler warning if you don’t want to know the really crazy thing going on in the movie I’m going to talk about it briefly but I
I don’t really think it’s really a spoiler that a lot of people are talking about and people are still familiar with

Just in case you didn’t want to know anything to warn about spoilers, there’s been a fast and furious movie meme for seven years like they should.

They moved into space really well, they did, and it’s not just a funny little winking sign of being kind of in mid-air like they’re straight In orbit in a car with a missile, I don’t know that kind of lost me guys I feel like ah Dwayne Johnson Fast and Furious

I feel like they really jumped into a shark here or jumped into orbit [__] no matter what the new term is after showing this movie I’ll give f9 a c minus this Dwayne Johnson Fast and Furious

The movie will be enjoyed by a lot of people especially if you go into it thinking it’s comic I think you will have a really good time so keep this in mind if you go to see the movie But don’t expect it to be all emotionally like strength or something

They just call it a push of a button, the movie is a push of a button, thank you very much for always watching, we look forward to more comments very soon and if you like it This you can click here and get stuck

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