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Falling in love With You | Why is it so complicated?

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Falling in love With You | Why is it so complicated?

Topic:  Falling in love With You

The most important word in the English language and also the most confusing word. Thinkers, both religious and secular, agree that love plays a central role in human life. We have been told that ‘love is a colorful thing’ and ‘the world runs by love’.

 Falling in love With You | Why is it so complicated?

Thousands of books, songs, magazines, and films revolve around this word. I Cant Help Falling in love With You Love has been given an important place in countless philosophical and religious ideologies, and the founders of Christianity wanted to make love the identity of their followers.

Psychologists have concluded that as human beings our first emotional need is that we have someone to love. For love, we can climb mountains, cross oceans, cross deserts and endure hardships that seem impossible. Without love it seems impossible to climb the mountain, to cross the sea seems frightening, the desert becomes unbearable and sufferings come into our life permanently.

The Christian apostle Paul glorifies love by pointing out that without love what a man achieves is ultimately in vain. His conclusion was that only three characters remain in the last scene of the drama of human life’ Dharma,

The five languages ​​of love, hope, and love, but love are the greatest among them. “If we agree that the word love is historical and that love is a confusing word. Its thousands of different meanings are so important in our society in the current background, then we have to believe that too.

Falling in love With You We say is, ‘ I love sandwiches and with the next breath we say, ‘ I love my mother. ‘ We love activities: swimming, skiing, hunting. We love things: like food, car, house. We love animals: like dogs, cats, even pet snails. We love nature: like trees, grass, flowers and the weather.

I Cant Help Falling in love With You We start to love even by falling in love.

From We love human beings: like mother, father, son, daughter, foster, wife, husband, 20 If it is still not confusing, we can define behavior. Look at the use of the word. ‘I did it because I loved him.’ This explanation can be given for any kind of work.

A man can name the relationship of adultery as love. On the other hand, the preacher calls it a sin. An alcoholic’s wife collects the pieces of her husband’s destruction and calls it love, while psychologists call this act of hers subjugation.

A parent fulfills all the wishes of his child and calls it love while the family doctor considers it irresponsible upbringing. The question arises, I Cant Help Falling in love With You what is loving behavior?

PrtSc The purpose of this book is not to end the confusion that surrounds the word love, but to focus on the kind of love that is essential to our emotional health. Child psychologists believe that every child has some basic emotional needs that can only be met if they are emotionally healthy.

 Falling in love With You | Why is it so complicated?

There is nothing more fundamental in these emotional needs than the need for love and caress, the need to feel that someone is needed and loved by someone. An adequate supply of love makes the child more likely to become a responsible adult.

Without this love, he would be less developed emotionally and socially. When I first heard this quote, I loved it, ‘Inside every child is a love tank that waits to be filled with love. ’ When the child really feels that he is being loved, he has normal development, but when this love tank is empty, he is in bad shape.

How to keep the love tank full? Falling in love With You

seems to behave. Most of the bad behavior of children is due to the desires of an empty ‘love tank’. I am Dr. Ross Campbell, a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents.

While listening to this, I was thinking of the thousands of parents who used to sit in my office and cry about the bad actions of their children. I had never thought before that the love tank of those kids would be empty, but I was aware of the consequences.

Since he was not getting love, so through his misbehavior he was busy in a directionless search for that love. They were looking for love in the wrong places and in the wrong ways. I remembered Ashley, who contracted a sexually transmitted disease at the age of thirteen.

There was no limit to the grief of his parents. They were getting very angry at Ashley. They were also complaining about the school where sex education was being given. He asked, why did he do this? At the heart of mankind’s existence is the desire to be intimate and to be wanted by someone.

The institution of marriage is designed to fulfill this desire for intimacy and love. During my discussion with Ashley, she told me about her parent’s divorce they had taken when she was six years old. “I thought my father left me because he didn’t love me,” she said, “I was ten years old when my mother remarried. I realized that my mother had found a loved one, but no one loved me.

I really wanted someone to love me too. I met this teenager in school. He was older than me and he liked me. I just couldn’t believe it. He used to treat me kindly and after some time I realized that he really loved me.

I didn’t want sx, but I would do anything to get love. “Ashley’s ‘love tank’ was empty for many years. Her mother and stepfather had taken care of her material needs, but they were not even aware of the deep emotional conflict going on inside her.

It was certain that they were in love with A and thought that Ashley knew the depth of their love

Love had five languages. But by the time he realized his mistake, it was too late. Dey forgot that he was not conveying his message of love in Ashley’s primary love language. 22 The emotional need for love is not only for children. This need stays with us in adulthood and even in marriage.

 Falling in love With You | Why is it so complicated?

The experience of being ‘in love’ fills this need for an instant, but it is an inevitable ‘quick fix’ and as we find later, its duration is very limited. When we overcome the madness of being ‘in love and return to the world of reality, the emotional need for love resurfaces because it is a basic need of our nature.

This need is central to our emotional desires. We needed love even before ‘falling in love and we will always need it as long as we live. At the heart of marital aspirations is the desire to be wanted by one’s spouse. A man said to me recently, “What’s the use of a car-bungalow and everything else when your wife doesn’t love you?”

Do you understand what he’s saying?

“More than anything I want my wife’s love.” Material things can never be a substitute for a man’s emotional love. One wife said, “He ignores me all day and jumps into my bed at night.” Plays love together. I hate “She is not a wife who hates sex. She is a wife who is looking for emotional love.

There is something in our nature that constantly demands to be wanted by someone else. One is afraid of loneliness, That is why solitary confinement is considered the most severe punishment. At the heart of the existence of mankind is the desire to be intimate and to be liked by someone.

The institution of marriage is designed to satisfy this desire for intimacy and love. That is why in the Bible Husband and wife are called ‘one body.’ has inspired husband and wife to grow together. Countless writers from Plato to Peck have also underlined the importance of love in marriage. But if love is important,

Falling in love With You why is it so complicated?  Falling in love With You  have seen many married couples Hear me moaning from this pain. Some had come to me because this inner pain had become unbearable. some came because they

It seemed that their marriage was falling apart because of his or his wife’s behavior. Some had come to tell me that they now want to get rid of the body from the marriage.

After marriage, his dreams of living happily ever after were hit at home by hitting the hard walls of Hakikrit. Over and over again I have heard these words, ‘Our love is over, our relationship is over. We were once close to each other but now that is not the case.

Now we don’t like being with each other at all. We are unable to meet each other’s needs. These stories prove that just like children, adults also have a ‘love tank’. Did these couples also have an invisible ’emotional lube tank’ with their needle on ’empty’?

Was the abuse, tension, separation, bitter words, and criticism between them the reason for this empty tank? Can marriage get a lifeline if we find a way to fill it? Will keeping the love tank full can bring such a change in the emotional life of these couples that they can discuss their differences and make their life happy once again.

Can this tank become the key to the lock of a happy marriage? These questions sent me on a long journey. Along the way, I discovered the simple yet powerful techniques outlined in this book. This journey has put me in the hearts and minds of hundreds of couples in America, along with marriage counseling for 20 years.

Countless couples from Seattle to Miami invited me to the intimate hall of their wedding and we chatted frankly. The examples given in this book are taken from real life. Only the names and places have been changed so that the identities of those who openly disclosed their secrets to me are kept confidential.

I firmly believe that keeping the emotional love tank full in a marriage is as important as keeping the oil tank at the right level in a car.

 Falling in love With You | Why is it so complicated?

If you drive your wedding car with an empty love tank, it will cost more than running the car without oil. What you are about to read can save thousands of marriages and it is also capable of improving the emotional atmosphere of a good marriage. No matter what the quality of your marriage, it can get better.

Falling in love With You WARNING: Learning to understand the five love languages ​​and speak your spouse’s primary love language can completely change their behavior. People’s behavior changes when their emotional love tank is full.

The Five Languages ​​of Love Before we examine the five love languages, we need to consider another important but confusing topic, the ‘falling in love’ craze or heavenly experience.

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