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Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor

welcome Fat Thor Laughter Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor 7

Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor

Topic: Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor

Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10  Top 10 MCU moments [laughter] Not necessary there will be no stabbing each other everyone knows

Who’s in charge I need a horse We don’t have horses Only dogs and birds and birds Cats give me one of those big enough to ride Let’s kill it right this time for
In this list, we are going to go through the greatest moments appearing in the wonderful cinematic universe so far anyway if ever there is a moment that you are in
Resoundingly angry we missed it, please let us know in the comments

Number 10 meeting the avengers what’s the thing I’m afraid of a little thunderbolt I’m not too fond of the following thor collides with his future comrades in

In a pretty literal way as the Avengers catch Loki on a quinjet Thor plane that flips over to snatch his wayward brother up and down the plane through this A moment and his subsequent discussion with Loki is fantastic, we had to give this entry to the brawl between Thor and the other Iron Man avengers hilariously.

Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor

interruptions in the middle of a sentence and two trade hits both physical and verbal don’t touch me again then don’t take my stuff you have no idea what you’re dealing with

With, uh, Shakespeare in the garden, does your mother know that you dress up in her Captain America costume and then step in until you throw Mjolnir’s bull?

In a shield and the three come to their senses, put the hammer down, oh yeah, no bad call, he loves you, you want me to put the hammer down
This battle is not only funny, but also full of great action plus it is one of the first battles between the big hero and the heroes French

Number  9 for being unworthy of a bull halfway through his debut in MCU that locates the Mjolnir hammer having been hammered into the ground once I’m there
I’ll return the items I stole from you, don’t look down there thinking you’ll walk in grabbing our stuff and get off

whatever artifact you’ve drawn so often Out of attention and the shield he set up a temporary base around him in order to reach him, a power-disconnected Thor must make his way through the shield agents amid thunderstorm you big fought more but even after all that effort he finds out that for the first time he can’t raise Mjolnir he doesn’t deserve it

[Applause] Not only is it a good action scene where Thor has been lowered to the very human level, it’s also connected to his frequent struggle over whether he’s worth it. succumb to

Number 8 gets his powers back when he talks about the merit of Thor. His first movie deals with this very element quite a bit. Who holds this hammer?

Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor

If he’s worth losing his powers then that’s what triggers his character’s arc in that movie and I’m expecting him to win them back is what he completes after he sends Loki Destroyer to attack on Earth puts himself in harm’s way to protect others, suicide will gain you nothing

So take me and finish this even though he’s about to die this work is enough to make him worthy of Mjolnir again to get his strength and abilities back He’s a little cheesy, but then he’s a bull and we love him because that’s how it usually looks more or less, it’s good luck


Number 7 Almost Kills Thanos Avengers Infinity War Much of Thor’s journey in Infinity War revolves around his quest to take revenge on Thanos for killing innocents
Asgardians and his brother Loki your father killed my brother stepfather son Technically she hates him as much as you do, families can be cruel

Just when Thanos finally manages to get all the Infinity Stones, Thor comes running to stop him from throwing his new ax at the mad giant Trying to keep his promise to kill Thanos, I told you you’d die for it [Music]

It’s a satisfying moment so it doesn’t all of a sudden happen with a bull targeting the chest instead of Thanos’ head seizing the opportunity to snatch half Of all the life in the universe that was meant to go for Infinity War being about losing heroes and losing Thor to the big time, it’s pivotal A moment in the infinity saga especially for the character of Thor Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

Number 6 His Conversation with the Rocket Avengers Infinity War Thor isn’t exactly the most introspective guy but a quiet moment aboard the rocket ship gave him

Some rare breathing room to be just that if the forging harnesses the scorching power of a neutron star lost, it’s where my hammer was born

Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor
It’s really cool when a demoralized rocket notices Thor that he’s getting close to the god inquiring about the people he’s lost, and gets emotional as he explains it

He had no family left until his best friend died and you said you were both your sister and your father died but you still have a mother though Killed by the bush,

my best friend stabbed his heart out while trying his best to shrug things off and express his outward confidence, it’s clear that Thor is confused and Thanos’ revenge is probably the only thing keeping him from unraveling and what if I’m wrong Well if I’m wrong then What more could I miss, it’s a beautiful, tragic moment and some of Chris Hemsworth’s best acting in the MCU

Number. 5 his mother’s reunion Avengers Endgame
You’re crying No, yeah I feel like I’m losing it together You can do that while we talk about the topic of emotional moments that include seeing a bull and a rocket game

The duo journey back in time to retrieve one of the Infinite Stones in Asgard while Thor runs to his late mother Friga to reunite them together. It makes me sad and heartbreaking, I was raised by a charming boy I see with his own eyes [Music]

I’m totally from the future, Thor is a bit of a mess at this point, but Frigga helps him realize that it’s okay to fail and not live up to Others expect that real heroes strive to be who they are, and everyone fails to define what they are supposed to be in relation to the person of the hero.

Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor

It is how successful they are to be who the cable maker is in this great moment is Thor’s discovery that it is still worth using Mjolnir.

Number 4 Remembers Who Thor Ragnarok During the climax duel of his third single, Thor finds himself annoyed with his villainous sister Hela Bad interpretation but you didn’t stand a chance you see that I’m not a queen or a beast, I’m a goddess of death having lost my eyes and her people threatened before.

Hela’s forces things to seem terrible to Taurus, but seeing his father Odin reminds him that his true strength comes from within and that the hammer was just
A tool to channel his power, I’m not as strong as you are, you are stronger With this newfound conviction, Thor uses a massive amount of lightning to escape from Hell
Clutch and fight the soldiers who threaten the evacuation of the Asgardians

What a god I was again, this badass show of strength turns this battle into a whole talk of a great spectacle

Number 3 makes Stormbreaker avengers infinity war in his quest to kill a bull-headed bull to nidavelir, a massive formation of dwarves in hopes of obtaining a new weapon that can Use it against his enemy, wait what kind of weapon are we talking about here, kind of killing Thanos, don’t you think we should all A weapon like that no, you simply lack the strength to wield it.

Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor

The last dwarf alive who agreed to help him craft an ax he calls Storm Conqueror, a king’s weapon block meant to be the greatest in Asgard. In theory, a frost with a name can even be called a fracture

He managed to do it with a cable missile ship and brute force All parents give me strength boy you understand you’re about to take full power Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

It will only kill you if I did not only because Taurus has to hold the boulder open by itself and receive a direct blast from a star in the process, it is not only from Thor
The greatest achievements may also be one of the greatest works of the MCU. period

Number 2, Gladiator Fighting Thor Ragnarok While Thor and Hulk’s first showdown in Avengers is so cool, we’re not your enemies. try to think They haven’t quite reached the same epic level as their encounter at Sakkar as the pair compete against each other in the arena, Vanna No banner,

welcome Fat Thor Laughter Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor 4

only Hulk Thor initially takes a few hits with the goal of getting to Bruce’s banner inside the Hulk but eventually decides to strike back when it’s obvious This sign will not appear, what is the matter with people who embarrass me.

I told them we were friends They prove to be evenly matched until the hull causes Thor to lightning with a series of blows to the face, some outside interference leaving the true victor Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

It’s up in the air but while the battle continues, the battle is a battle between two of the most powerful avengers before we get to our top pick here

Some honorable mention another bull We can’t imagine how many cups they pass in Asgard It’s a drink I like, I know it’s great, right Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

Science and magic this doesn’t make sense but it looks so good your ancestors called it magic and you call it science Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

Well, you come from a place where they are one and the same while meeting the avenging guardians of infinite war that has never been so accurately described

How the hell is this guy still alive, he’s not a guy, you’re a guy that’s a muscular handsome guy who abdicates the avenger’s endgame.

It’s the only way to grow, but you’re a leader. You know I’m going to make any changes here. I’m counting on your majesty Get help Thor Ragnarok We like to see it every time they try this plan Come on let’s get help

What gets help doesn’t come to you I love it I hate it Great, it works every time it’s humiliating, do you have a better plan, no, we do it, we don’t do it, get help, you can help satisfy my brother, it’s Get help from dying, you still hate it, it’s a good insult not for me, it wasn’t before we continued Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

welcome Fat Thor Laughter Top 10 Thor MCU Moments MCU Thor

Number 1 joins the battle in the Wakanda avengers infinity war when Thanos discovers a vision site that has the last infinity stone from the conqueror
Troops invade Wakanda,

you are in Wakanda now you will have nothing but dust and blood, we have blood to spare most of the avengers are out there to help with defense but they are still overwhelmed and outnumbered only when things seem more dangerous, flashes of light over the battlefield and Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

The lightning-covered ax cuts through waves of enemies, Thor has arrived with a missile and roots and in many styles with a thunderbolt, Thor shoots himself
On the battlefield like the God of Thunder, at this moment he sees Thor at the peak of his power and drives he’s his big damned hero Fat Thor [Laughter] Top 10

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