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Horse Movies on Amazon Prime Enjoy Today 2022

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Horse Movies on Amazon Prime Enjoy Today 2022

Topic:Horse Movies on Amazon Prime

21 Best Horse Movies on Amazon Prime

Being an equestrian myself, I have always been interested in horse movies. So when I found out that Amazon Prime carried horse movies, I was extremely excited to start watching them all! So many, in fact, that it took me several months to finish them all! In this article, I share my favorite horse movies on Amazon Prime, as well as some of the not-so-great ones that you should skip over. Hope you enjoy reading!

 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

If you’re looking for a movie that features some great equine action, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron will not disappoint. Based on a true story, it follows an extraordinary mustang stallion’s journey to make peace with his fellow mustangs and tame settlers encroaching on their lands.

Horse Movies on Amazon Prime Enjoy Today 2022

Hilarious scenes will have you in stitches as Spirit tries to fit in at first before leading a revolt against those who do him wrong.

Destined To Ride

Amazon has a large selection of horse movies available for streaming and rental, but some are far superior to others. The site offers a number of family-friendly films that can keep even young children engaged. And if you want something racier, Amazon also has plenty of adult-oriented options.

Horse Movies on Amazon Prime Enjoy Today 2022

There’s something for every type of horse movie fan to enjoy in their catalog; Amazon is one of many choices out there when it comes to viewing movies from home, but it does offer its own perks with Amazon Prime Video. If you’re interested in an in-depth list of great horse movies on Amazon Prime Video, continue reading below! It may take a while to get through all 10… but hey, that’s what weekends are for!


Amazon’s been killing it with their original content for a while now, but if you’re a horse-lover there’s one particular genre that Amazon has covered perfectly: The horse movie. Now, nothing against Amazon or horses, but if you’re looking for something new to watch on Amazon Prime,

Horse Movies on Amazon Prime Enjoy Today 2022

these are just ten of those movies that will have you asking yourself Why didn’t I get Netflix? Here are 10 of my favorite horse movies on Amazon Prime.

The Horse Dancer

If you’re looking for a good horse movie to watch on Amazon Prime, The Horse Dancer is worth a watch. You can find it streaming for free through Amazon Prime, and it has an impressive 4.2 out of 5-star rating from viewers.

Horse Movies on Amazon Prime Enjoy Today 2022

The movie was released in 2009, but it still has that feel-good quality that so many movies from the ‘90s seem to carry with them. It doesn’t hurt that it is based on a true story—and there are few things as uplifting as seeing someone follow their passion to create something great.

All Horse Movies on Amazon Prime

 Horse Camp A Tail of Love

A young woman is sent to a horse camp run by an eccentric old lady, where she not only learns how to ride but also learns what it means to be true friends with horses. Camp A Tail of Love isn’t about winning. It’s about courage, honor, and learning how to trust your instincts and believe in yourself.


When Darlene needs her horse faster than expected, she discovers that you can’t rush things when training a racehorse—or even training a friend. Camp A Tail of Love is about testing yourself in ways you never thought possible; so always be willing to try something new if you want something truly special. Darlene does, and soon finds out just how fulfilling it can be when kindness makes your dreams come true!


If you’re looking for a gentle movie about horses, Windstorm might be for you. Set in Ireland, it tells the story of a young woman struggling to overcome childhood tragedy after being left in charge of her family’s failing farm. She decides to try training racehorses, and her sense of purpose begins to change along with her fortunes.

The film also stars Laura Donnelly (Game of Thrones), Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones), and Michael Gambon (Harry Potter). There are tense moments involving racehorses, so some people may want to avoid them if they have anxiety around animals or racing scenes. Otherwise, it’s very positive and heartwarming—perfect for anyone who loves horses!

 Finding Fortune

If you’re an animal lover, then you should definitely check out Hidalgo, starring Viggo Mortensen and Zuleikha Robinson. In it, Mortensen plays Frank Hopkins, a cowboy who races his Arabian horse across 1,000 miles of Middle Eastern desert in order to win money that he desperately needs.

The movie shows Hopkins competing in a dangerous competition where winners often die in battle. If he doesn’t win, however, his beautiful horse will be executed.

Midnight Stallion

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned Western with a lot of heart, look no further than Midnight Stallion. Jonny Lemons directs and stars in a movie about a jockey who falls from grace when he gets thrown from his horse.

But after miraculously waking up at Midnight Ranch, a facility that helps abused thoroughbreds, he begins training and soon becomes one of its most successful jockeys. Mixing modern racing action with slow-motion shots of horse muscles twitching as they gallop through water, it’s really like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

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 Horse Camp

If you’re a horse lover and want to learn more about horses and their care, then you should consider signing up for a horse camp. Most camps take place during summer when kids are out of school, but it’s not uncommon to find winter camps that can teach you how to manage horses even in cold weather.

Horse Movies on Amazon Prime Enjoy Today 2022

Find a camp near you or start your own with some friends! Some popular activities include grooming, feeding, and caring for horses while they’re kept in stalls and working with them outside in larger pastures or paddocks. Many programs also offer to ride lessons on smaller animals like ponies so you can practice what you learn! It may be important to note that most camps are designed for children 12 years old and older.

The Horse Whisperer

Fourteen-year-old Grace MacLean, who has retreated into silence after her mother’s death, finds new hope in helping a magnificent chestnut thoroughbred, Pilgrim. An incredible bond develops between them as she works with Pilgrim to overcome his fears and achieve his extraordinary potential.

Robert Redford directed and stars in this film based on an international bestseller by Nicholas Evans. Jennifer Lopez plays Grace’s schoolmate Bridie Palmer and Jane Kaczmarek (TV’s Malcolm in the Middle) is Grace’s guardian Mrs. Walker.

Emma’s Chance

I’ve been interested in horses since I was a kid, and for years my parents would take me to see horse movies. When I got older and could choose what we watched at home, there were always horse movies on my list. Now that I have a family of my own, I started watching Amazon Prime’s streaming service because it had some good options for horses.

This list is a great jumping-off point if you’re looking for something new to watch with your family or just want to revisit some old favorites. Let’s get started!

All Roads Lead Home

It’s a universal truth that we all love horses. Sometimes, in a world where it can be difficult to find even a sliver of time to just sit back and enjoy an uninterrupted moment of peace, watching these majestic creatures gracefully gallop across our screens reminds us what true serenity feels like.

But with so many horse movies out there, it can sometimes be hard to know which ones are worth our valuable time. Here’s a list of some of Amazon Prime’s best horse flicks for you to watch when you need to reconnect with your own inner rider!

A Horse Called Hope

An inspiring film, A Horse Called Hope shows what happens when a young girl’s life-threatening illness brings her horse, Jezebel, into her world. Together they build their own journey of hope and happiness as they tackle what it means to be human and open to a whole new world of possibilities.

This is more than a heartwarming film about humans and horses; it’s an inspirational story that will leave you with hope for yourself and others. This film tells us that love can conquer anything–even death. More than 25 years after its release, A Horse Called Hope remains one of Amazon’s top 10 horse movies on Amazon Prime. Watch it today!Amazed by You This movie tells a story of a lonely boy, who moved from one country to another.

He was sad that he couldn’t communicate with other people because of his poor knowledge in English. However, he wanted to learn everything about animals since he is passionate about them since he was young. One day, there was an old man riding a white horse near him and he always talked with it but nobody else could understand what they were talking about and it frustrated him very much.

Finally, after many years being together, both of them had learned each other’s language and became best friends forever. If you like animals as well as love stories, then you will love watching Amazed by You!

All Horse Movies on Amazon Prime

Wild Horses

Robert Duvall plays Tom Logan, a struggling rancher who sells his horses to help save his failing farm. All but one of them are captured by rustlers and sold off to different owners, prompting Logan to take on bounty-hunter duties in search of his animals.

This family-friendly movie is also one of Robert Redford’s early films, with a famous horse chase scene at the end that’s sure to delight children. Stream it here.

Rodeo & Juliet
At first glance, Juliet and Rodeo seem to have little in common. She is a Kentucky girl who grew up with horses her whole life, while he’s a Texas boy who never spent time around them. But Juliet doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, and Rodeo has been lured by big city lights.

They both want a change—and they find it in each other. Watch their story unfold in one of our favorite horse movies on Amazon Prime.

A Horse Called Bear

This family drama features a heartwarming father-son relationship that blooms around a young boy and his horse. While it may not be for everyone, A Horse Called Bear is about as good as you can get for a kid’s film, especially one with an equine lead.

The cinematography alone—showing shots of Seattle from unique perspectives and locations—makes watching worth it. This movie will likely give your horse-loving child (or spouse) hours of enjoyment to watch over and over again!

Note: While there are no bad words in any of these films, they’re all rated G, so don’t expect any kids’ movies on our list to include horror or intense violence themes.


This one is a bit of a tearjerker, so be sure to have some tissues handy. Based on real events, Jean Yves-Rouchon’s Jappeloup is about an injured racehorse and his struggle to get back in shape—and keep from getting eaten by his stablemates.

Even though it’s not exactly designed for kids, it’s definitely a family movie (and great for anyone who loves animal movies). It also stars Gerard Depardieu and Gérard Darmon in supporting roles. Netflix reviewers describe it as beautiful and triumphant, while imdb reviewers say they had tears streaming down their face by movie’s end.

The Wild Horse Redemption

If you’re looking for a horse movie that tugs at your heartstrings and is based on an inspiring true story, The Wild Horse Redemption is just what you need. This drama film stars Sean Bean as Duncan Behr, a rancher who attempts to rehabilitate wild mustangs with his daughter, Riana (played by Danielle Chuchran).

Horse Movies on Amazon Prime Enjoy Today 2022

While not strictly about training horses for sale or competition purposes, it does depict ranching life in its rawest form. If you’re interested in taking up horse riding but haven’t been sure where to start, The Wild Horse Redemption could be a great first step! It’s a great place to learn about some of most common breeds and learn how to tell them apart.

Dream Horse

If you’re a horse lover, you’ll love Dream Horse. This BBC documentary details how Vladimir Litt, a Russian-born man who moved to Texas with his family when he was 6 years old, fell in love with horses after buying and training them as therapy for his autistic son.

As he learned more about horses, he dreamed of making a film where they would be central characters. He decided to make that dream a reality by traveling to Mongolia, Afghanistan and South Africa in search of Kazakh wild horses.

His goal was to find a herd of 10 horses and bring one back to his ranch in Texas—which he achieved! You won’t want to miss Dream Horse if you love big beautiful creatures doing awesome things on screen.

Painted Horses

If you’re a fan of westerns and love a good horse story, Painted Horses is for you. This film about three young men who head out to Montana in search of their fortune stars Ben Johnson and Debra Winger. The three friends are said to be trying to take advantage of homesteading opportunities that became available after World War II.

On their journey they meet up with some colorful characters and run into many unforeseen challenges that test their mettle. You’ll enjoy spending time with these young men as they pursue their dreams, fight for survival and show an incredible amount of courage and heart in overcoming life’s obstacles.

All Horse Movies on Amazon Prime

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