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How Many Final Destination Movies Are There | Best Horror 6

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There | Best Horror 6

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There | Best Horror films

Topic: How Many Final Destination Movies Are There

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There? We’ve Lost Count!

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There If you’re a fan of the Final Destination movie franchise, you’re probably asking yourself how many Final Destination movies there are. Well, we’ve got your answer! There are seven official Final Destination movies (not including the 2009 reboot and its 2011 sequel).

Each one is loosely based on the book of the same name by horror author James Phelan. How Many Final Destination Movies Are There The first film in the series was released in 2000, and it was followed by four more sequels in 2003, 2006, 2009, and 2011 respectively. If you’re keeping track at home, that adds up to seven official Final Destination movies!

Final Destination 2000

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There The first movie that comes to mind when you ask how many Final Destination movies are there is Final Destination 2000. The first installment in what would become a franchise of films. This was released in 2000 and stars Devon Sawa as protagonist Alex Browning who survives a fatal air crash but is haunted by premonitions of future danger.

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There | Best Horror 6

The movie is loosely based on an unpublished novel with Death playing an ever-present role from start to finish, rather than just at key moments such as it was later portrayed in 2006’s Final Destination 3, for example.

Final Destination 2 movie 2003

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There This movie added a new twist to death as it introduced us to death by premonition. There’s no safe place for our protagonist in Final Destination 2. From casinos and ships to party rooms and freeways, death is coming for him. But there’s hope in knowing that he can help others escape it.

In Final Destination 2 we learn that death is not always a physical phenomenon; sometimes it can be more spiritual than physical. If you’re trying to figure out how many final destination movies are there, you might also enjoy our guide on some of Hollywood’s most horrifying film deaths.

Just make sure not to spoil yourself with any major plot twists! We know that might be difficult given how popular these movies are today but trust us — it’ll be worth it.

Final Destination 3 movie 2006

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There This film is set ten years after the initial events of Final Destination, in which Alex Browning was led to believe that he had been responsible for a plane crash that killed his entire high school class. He has since tried to put what happened behind him and move on with his life but is tormented by visions of Death stalking him everywhere he goes.

His psychologist believes that Alex’s trauma has affected his subconscious mind so much, that it has manifested itself into a physical entity as a means of self-defense – one which will kill anyone who does not belong on Earth.

With a new streak of violence spreading across New York City, Alex races against time to save both himself and those he cares about most before Death can permanently send them off.

The Final Destination 2009

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There This is a direct sequel to Final Destination 2. It follows Alex Browning as he escapes Death after escaping it in Part II, and tries to save other students from Death’s List.

After another incident on a roller coaster, Death seemingly takes its toll on him once again, but afterward, he wakes up alive, only to discover that several of his classmates from his high school have died in strange and fatal accidents.

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There | Best Horror 6

His attempts to convince people that there is no way they could have just happened are met with skepticism by everyone around him. He later discovers that Death has changed its course and decided to use even more cunning ways of taking lives rather than killing in a random fashion.

Final Destination 5 Movie 2011

The fifth installment of Final Destination was released on August 12, 2011. The 3D film cost $40 million to make and made over $161 million in global ticket sales.

It was directed by Steven Quale and written by Eric Heisserer. The plot involves a student’s premonition of a deadly roller coaster accident that kills many passengers; he tries to save as many people as possible when disaster strikes.

First-time actor Nicholas D’Agosto starred as high school senior Sam Lawton. Miles Fisher played his best friend, Peter Friedkin, while Emma Bell portrayed his girlfriend Lori Milligan.

Pfeiffer co-starred as a woman named Bludworth who warns of death from the other side. The villainous character Tod Waggner was played by Tony Todd. Miles Fisher also played Bill Weiderman in Part 1 (Final Destination).

Final Destination 6

We Didn’t Realize This, But. The newest installment in the Final Destination series is here, which means it’s time to ask a burning question that many fans have been wondering about: How many Final Destination movies are there? After starting with just two movies back in 2000, it’s now 2017 and we’re up to six.

And while they usually come out every few years, so far it looks like 2018 isn’t going to be a year that one debut. So we want to know – how many will there be total before they’re done? It feels like no matter what year it is or where you go on vacation, you can always count on there being some sort of serious accident or fatal disaster.

And thanks to all these movies, it almost seems like Death itself has become something that people expect. From planes crashing into buildings to boats capsizing at sea, nothing seems impossible anymore (except maybe surviving an exploding building).

In fact, if anything goes wrong on your next trip, don’t be surprised if someone starts talking about a new Final Destination movie coming out soon.

These films are known for their graphic depictions of death and destruction – but they also feature plenty of twists and turns along the way as well. It all started with Final Destination in 2000 when Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) had a vision of his plane exploding mid-flight after he boarded a flight from New York City to Paris.

What is a final destination movie?

The Final Destination franchise (known as Final Destination in North America and Death Trance internationally) is a series of American horror films based on an unproduced spec script by Jeffrey Reddick, which was produced by New Line Cinema.

The first three films center around a small group of people who escape death at the hands of Death himself via premonition, only to later realize that Death is now chasing them, claiming another victim in its pursuit. Starting with Final Destination 3, they take on more of a found-footage style.

Reddick returned to write and direct in Death Trance 2 (followed by 6 and 5), all three of which are non-canonical sequels with new protagonists.

The original final destination movie

Remember that chill-inducing moment when your life flashes before your eyes, and you realize it’s all going to end soon? Well, that’s a glimpse of what it must be like to die in Final Destination. The iconic 2000 film was such a hit among horror movie fans that it spawned three sequels — Final Destination 2, Final Destination 3, and The Final Destination.

The first three films were based on characters escaping death at the hands of fate by taking elaborate measures to change their destiny. However, no matter how much people changed their plans — from changing flights to boarding empty roller coasters — they would still meet their maker one way or another.

Is the Final Destination Franchise Dead?

To date, there have been five Final Destination movies released and a sixth one has been in production for almost a year. However, there haven’t been any updates on its status as of late; it could be in limbo or even canceled altogether.

With horror franchises like Scream and Insidious planning more installments, it’s worth wondering if Final Destination has run its course or if they’re saving up some ideas for down the road. In our opinion (and only ours) we feel like FD is dead… long live FD!

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There | Best Horror 6

Films in development

As we reported back in September, three new Final Destination movies are in various stages of development. The most recent news is that New Line Cinema has officially greenlit a sequel to Final Destination 5, which made $112 million domestically on a production budget of $40 million.

As for other final destinations, Film School Rejects points out a rumor that they might be adopting an unused script from Quentin Tarantino called Real Dead Housewives of Horror.

Originally intended for David Fincher (who directed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), it would follow five uber-rich housewives who die in a plane crash and end up haunting one another in purgatory.

Final destination movies ranked by Metacritic reviews

How Many Final Destination Movies Are There Let’s see, there was Final Destination, then Final Destination 2, and then… OK, let’s be honest: at some point, you just stop counting. Still, that won’t stop us from ranking all five of these movies for your viewing pleasure. Find out where each final destination movie ranks in terms of quality with our list of final destination movies ranked by Metacritic reviews. You’ll never believe who made it to number one! (Hint: it’s not James Cameron.)

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