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How to Love My Spouse Again | Love Changes Everything 2022

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How to Love My Spouse Again | Love Changes Everything 2022

Topic: How to Love My Spouse Again

Love Changes Everything It’s Not Just Our Emotional Needs.

According to psychologists, our basic needs are the emotional needs of security, self-esteem, and importance. Love is linked to all these needs in some way or the other. If I feel that my How to Love My Spouse Again loves me, then I am at ease. I know that my girlfriend can never hurt me.

How to Love My Spouse Again | Love Changes Everything 2022

I feel safe in his presence. I can face many uncertainties in my business. I may have enemies in other areas of my life, but I feel safe with my spouse. My sense of self-esteem is strengthened by the fact that my spouse loves me. After all, she loves me and that’s why I am capable of loving.

My parents may have sent negative or mixed messages about my respect or importance, but my spouse knows and loves me as an adult. His love enhances my sense of self-esteem. The need for respect or importance is the emotional force behind our behavior.

Our life is driven by the desire for success. We want our lives to have meaning, importance, value. We have our own ideas about what we mean by what is important and we set our goals.

Struggles hard to acquire the five languages ​​of love. Our importance gets reinforced by the feeling of being loved by our spouse. We argue, if someone loves me, I realize my importance.

I am important because I am on top of my world. I have the ability to think in abstract terms, the ability to express my thoughts through words, and also have the ability to make decisions. Through printed or recorded words, I can benefit from the thoughts of those who have preceded me.

I can take advantage of the experience of others, although they may have lived in a different era and culture. I feel the death of family and friends and I have the knowledge that there is existence beyond the physical world. I find that people in all cultures believe in a spiritual realm.

My heart tells me that this is correct while my mind, by training in scientific study, raises many critical questions. I am important The meaning of my life. I have a high aim in life. I want to believe in it, but I can’t consider myself important until someone shows love to me.

It’s only when my life partner invests their time, energy, and effort into me that I believe I am important. Without love, I would spend the rest of my life in search of importance, self-respect, and security. When I experience love, these needs are positively fulfilled.

Now I am free to develop my hidden talent. I am more secure in my own self-esteem and sense of importance and can channel my efforts outwards rather than getting bogged down in my own needs. True love always gives freedom.

How to Love My Spouse Again | Love Changes Everything 2022

In the context of marriage, if we do not have the experience of being loved, then our differences look more frightening. We see each other as enemies which is a threat to our happiness. We lower our self-esteem. Struggles for importance and marriage becomes the battleground instead of heaven.

Love is not the answer to everything, it is not the solution to every problem, but it can create an environment of security in which we can find solutions to our problems. In the safety of love, a couple can discuss their differences without criticizing each other.

Differences can be resolved. People of two different natures can learn to live in harmony together.

shows us Love changes everything.

How to bring out each other’s best qualities. These are the rewards of love. Amazing possibilities lie in the decision to love your spouse. Those possibilities are turned into reality by learning his primary love language. The world was going on. Love really runs the world.

They had traveled three hours for Jean and Norm to reach my office because of the least amount of love. It was clear that Norm didn’t want to be there. Jean had forced her to come thereby threatening to leave her.

(I don’t promote this kind of style, but people don’t always know about my suggestions before meeting me.) Didn’t go to pick up. They have been married for the last thirty-five years and before that ever marital counseling

Jean started the discussion, ‘ Dr. Chapman, first I want to tell you two things. First of all, we have no problem with money. I was reading in a magazine that money is the biggest problem in marriage. But this is not true of everyone. We both worked for it for years and now we have our own house and we have cars too.

We don’t have any problem with money. Second, let me tell you that we don’t argue. I hear my friends saying that they argue among themselves. We have never argued with each other. I don’t remember when was the last time there was an argument.

We both believe that arguments are meaningless. That’s why we don’t argue. ‘ As a counselor, I commended Gene for his revelations. How to Love My Spouse Again I knew she would get straight to the main point. It was clear that he had made complete preparations for his opening remarks.

She wanted to make sure we didn’t waste time worrying about things that weren’t problems at all. She wanted to make full and wise use of that hour. She continued, ‘The problem is that I don’t realize that my husband loves me. Life has become a routine.

How to Love My Spouse Again | Love Changes Everything 2022

We get up in the morning and go to our work. How to Love My Spouse Again In the afternoon they do their work and I do mine. We usually have dinner together but we don’t talk. While he was eating, he was watching TV. let us see. After dinner goes to the basement and watches the TV. sleep in front of them, until I tell them that it is time to sleep. this is our five a week

The Five Languages ​​of Love is a program of the day. On Saturdays, they go to golf in the morning, work in the yard in the afternoon, and on Saturday nights we go out to have dinner with another couple. He talks to them, but when we get in the car to return home, the conversation stops.

On his return home, he turned on the TV. lie down in front of him until it is time to sleep. On Sunday morning we go to church. We always go to church on Sunday mornings, Dr. Chapman. ‘ He emphasized this point.

nights’ Then we go out to have lunch with some friends. When we returned home they were on TV all afternoon. sleep in front of Usually on Sundays we go to church again, come back home, eat popcorn and go to bed. This is our weekly routine.

This is how we spend our lives throughout the week. We are living like two tenants living in the same house. There is nothing in common between us. I don’t feel love from their side. Now there is no warmth left in the relationship, no emotion left. It is a completely hollow relationship that is dead.

I don’t know that I would even want to lead a life like this. ‘ By that time Jean was crying. I gave him a tissue and looked at Norm. His first sentence was, ‘I don’t understand anything.

‘ After a brief hiatus, he said, ‘I did everything I could to show him that I loved him, especially in the last two or three years, since he started complaining about it.

But nothing is getting any benefit. How to Love My Spouse Again No matter what I do, she keeps complaining that she doesn’t feel my love. I don’t know what else I can do. ‘ I could tell Norm was frustrated and upset. I asked, ‘What have you done to express your love for Jean?

‘ He replied, ‘I return home before he comes, and I start cooking dinner every night. How to Love My Spouse AgainIf you want to know the truth, then four days a week by the time she returns home, I clean the dishes for three days after dinner is almost ready.

How to Love My Spouse Again | Love Changes Everything 2022

I have a meeting on one night, so I don’t clean the dishes that night, but on the other three nights, I clean the dishes after dinner. Since his back hurts, so I do it in a vacuum at home.  How to Love My Spouse Again I do all the yard work because he is allergic to pollen. When the clothes are dry, I fold the clothes. ‘ finished

Love changes everything, no problem in making it. How to Love My Spouse Again And I’d love to sew buttons on your shirt. You never gave me a chance to do this. If you feel my love by doing utensils, then from now on I will clean utensils for the rest of my life. ‘ Gone Jean and Norm went home and they began to love each other in the right love languages.

They were on their second honeymoon in less than two months. He told me over the phone from the Bahamas Islands about the radical change in his marriage with my consultation. Can emotional love be reborn in marriage? U bet? The key is to take your spouse’s primary love language and start speaking it.


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