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How to Use Massager Machine on Face | Massager Skin Care


How to Use Massager Machine on Face | Massager Skin Care

TOPIC: How to Use Massager Machine on Face

How to Use Massager Machine on Face | Massager Skin Care


2-in-1 Multifunction: The facial massager kit is magical with two types of massage devices. One is a 3D face massager roller, the other is a T-shaped electric massage device. Enjoy your skincare time with them.

New Technique: 3D Roller Electric Massage Device is so wonderful with small diamond shaped diamond cutting surface and unique 3D V type design to fit the curve of the whole body. The T shape is designed for 6000 vib. per / min and is good for the skin.

Relaxed Beauty Yourself: Daily use of the massage device will make your face and skin look healthier and younger. Also, it can be combined with skin care products and promote better absorption.

360 ° Waterproof Design: You can enjoy it while showering due to the special 360 ° waterproof design. In addition, the T-shape and the 3D roller massager allow you to use the product anywhere on your body from the angle you prefer. Plus, you can use the electric massager whenever and wherever due to its portable design and the included delicate storage bag.

Note: Requires one AA battery (not included), powered by electric power, stable performance, good circulation. Also, the manual control is turned on / off. Important Note: Some brands rechargeable AA battery is too big if you cannot fit the battery into the device. Replace AA battery of another brand.

How to Use Massager Machine on Face | Massager Skin Care

About Yeamon
Yeamon is a US health care and personal care brand, which focused on all kinds of massager tools. We have a proprietary design team on massage tools. All kinds of massage tools we released which are very popular with customers, especially young people.

Our ambition
We want to give our followers the best experience. What we did was make you and your families younger and younger.

Our promise
All of our products give our fans the best experience forever.

3D Roller Facial Massager
The 3D Roller Electric Front Roller is so wonderful with small diamond shaped diamond cutting surface and unique 3D V type design to fit the curve of the whole body.
Daily use of the facial roller will make your face and skin look younger.

T-shaped face massager
The kits include two forms of facial massager. Another is the T shape.
It is good for massaging the eyes, nose and other corners of the face.
The facial massager is waterproof all over the body at 360 °. After using it, you can easily clean it.

How to Use Massager Machine on Face massage roller

jade roller

body massage

Chin massage
Keep the chin V forever.

Neck Massage

Keep neck smooth.

Waist Massage

Keep figure.

Buttocks Massage

Keep S figure.

Arms Massage

Keep arms smooth.

Legs Massage

Keep legs smooth.

The 2-in-1 product option comes with a cloth and 2 massagers; one T-shaped and one roller type. The products themselves feel studied. A massager uses one AA battery. The material feels metallic and the massagers have a good weight.

The vibration for both is a little on the strong to weak, preferably I would have liked the vibration to be softer for the T-shaped massager, but it works fine otherwise. It would have been better if there was an ability to control the force of the vibration. Both items can be used without vibration.

How to Use Massager Machine on Face As for the use with the roller type massager, it is wonderful! It feels especially good after a hot bath / shower. After massaging my face for a good 10-15 minutes, my face felt really smooth! I’m not sure if it’s due to the massage itself or the roller that helps my face care product soak in, but my skin seemed to be smooth and fresh after the massage!

The roller also feels good when used on any other part of the body. I use it to try to slim my legs as a lymphatic leg massage. After 2 days, there is a really noticeable difference in my legs in terms of skin size and elasticity. In general, the roller works wonders as a massage tool for both the face and the body.

As for the T-shaped massager, the vibration is too strong for me. When I use it, I try to slide it slightly under my eyes and forehead due to the force of the vibration.

When I do this, I can really feel the massager helping things circulate under my skin! It helps to relax my eyes before going to bed and remarkably helps my skin absorb face care products faster. In general, the T-shaped massager does what it is supposed to do great

How to Use Massager Machine on Face | Massager Skin Care

had one previously (the battery operated unit), which promised miraculous changes, which wasn’t the reason I purchased (and then later lost it) but because I thought it would feel good and I could stimulate circulation, ease tension, and massage product into my skin; which it did wonderfully well.

If it does, with continued use, actually firm and tone, I simply didn’t use it long enough to have reaped those benefits. This new unit included a bonus 2 headed manual massager (adding to the value), and I replaced the lost one because I had a specialized surgery to remove a cancerous growth above my eyelid.

Several weeks into healing; I had developed a pronounced scar and was told to continue with the application of vaseline and to massage multiple times daily to break the scar down. It was an awkward place to massage and fingers are dirty. I’ve been using the battery operated unit, which fits nicely into the area, as well as over other parts of my face.

I had forgotten how much tension i hold and it feels incredibly good. How to Use Massager Machine on Face For that reason alone, I highly recommend this as a treat, if not a necessity. I believe it will be more effective to work the scar tissue out – and continue to provide relaxing benefits as well. Great value and shipped in promised timeframe. Battery operated unit requires one AA batt. Update – the directions are crap.

No matter bad translation, it’s pretty easy to figure out. The 2nd piece has two oddly shapped “heads” that kind of gather skin together and smoosh it and is very effective in easing tension. Some days later, I realized it also took a battery.

I added that but haven’t found any additional benefits from just rolling it around my face without the vibrations. A little embarrassing that I didn’t notice bith units accept a battery. T-bar massager really requires one to be effective, but not the two headed unit.

I love this product! Great value for money.  you get 2 vibrating facial massagers. Both pieces are great but I like using the roller ball since it goes over the contours of my jaw and cheekbones better than the T-bar (greater surface area).

I put on serum and lotion first before I start using these. Never use it on a dry face. It will tug on your skin. Also, make sure you clean these after use.

I showed my 64 year old mom and she loved them too so I ended up buying her the kit for her birthday. I’m thinking of buying these for my sisters as well.

my morning routine and it definitely helps wake up. Since it massages, it gets my skin feeling awake and refreshed for the day. I always wash my face before using it, and make sure to clean it after use.

The massage setting cannot be altered but it isn’t too strong to make it uncomfortable. The massager also glides nicely on the skin. I tried a jade roller but I actually prefer this product. The jade roller didn’t glide as nicely.

I have deep wrinkles around my eyes due to the effects of aging. It’s too early to say that I see some visible effect, but it feels very relaxing. I have been using the circular for over a week and I can say that it helped rejuvenate my mood, it also helps me fall asleep more easily.

Both massagers have 1xAA batteries.
To turn on and off, the bottom should be slightly shifted left and right.

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