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Love Feeling Status Best 500 Feeling love Status English

Love Feeling Status Best 500 Feeling love Status English

Love Feeling Status Best 500 Feeling love Status English

Topic: Love Feeling Status

Hello friends, welcome to Friends, there are all kinds of feelings inside of us, when we are happy, we call it feeling happy and when we are sad, we call it feeling sad.

The feeling of a person is changed all the time and when the feeling changes, then the person also changes his status according to his mood, so in today’s post we have brought to you such feeling status in Hindi, sad feeling status in hindi and love feeling status in hindi which you will definitely like.

Whenever you meet a friend or person who has met you after a long time and your old memories are refreshed, then you feel very good, in such a situation, you can enter good feeling status in Hindi.

Friends, you will find in this post the feeling status in hindi, sad feeling status in hindi, lovers feeling status, love feeling status in hindi, feeling life status in hindi, all kinds of feeling status photos which you can copy  and put on your WhatsApp and Facebook status easily as well as send it to your friends.

Love Feeling Status Best 500 Feeling love Status English

  love feeling status

What can I say about the changing people? I’ve seen my own love for someone else’ s.


It is necessary to meet, if the relationship has to be maintained, otherwise, by forgetting, the plants also become happy.


How much you love you is not told,

You just don’t know without you.

sad feeling status

There is something like leaving in the world, Stop expecting others.

How strange love is, too, No matter how much trouble he may give, he gets comfort.

happy feeling status

Today I asked the shadow why you go with me,

He laughed and said, “Who’s with you?”

My life didn’t start with you,

But the desire is to end with you.

For whom we have also given our heartbeats,

And they think a thousand times before giving us a moment.

beautiful love status

It has become very crowded in the hearts of the people,

So today we are alone.

emotional status

Be with you at every turn of your life,

Whether you stay away, always stay close to the heart.

Because people think of me as weak,

I don’t have the strength to break anyone’s heart.

You must have thought of something about you,

Otherwise, why did you fall in love with such a big world?


We both have no disease,
Yet you’re mine and I’m your medicine..!!

No one wants,
After I want one of you..!!

Love is like cold, too,
If you feel sick, you make it sick..!!

You have the right to fight with me,
But there is absolutely no right to leave..!!

Love Status best 100 Love Feeling Status

Keep this heart of mine, don’t you,
It’s a big concern for you..!!

His eyes,
Got down in the heart..!!

Love has only one loss,
And that’s what happens to any cartoon..!!

The real happiness in the heart came when he said there are many options,
But the decision is only you..!!

I am very careless,
But I care a lot about you..!!

In this heart,
No one is allowed except you..!!

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Cute Love Status

No matter who is intoxicating, it is deadly,
Sure happened when you got addicted..!!

There is a sea of feelings in the heart,
When your reply arrives within a minute..!!

You have not heard of us,
But we felt your breath..!!

Who are you to separate from me?

Love is not what is shown to the world,
Rather, it is that which is played from the heart..!!

Cute Love Feeling Status

It feels good when someone says,
It doesn’t matter, I’m not with you..!!

Love, love, aashiqui these were just alphas,
But when you met, these alphajos got meaning..!!

If there is love, what is the doubt,
If not, how about it…!!

It is said that there is a time when the love happens,
But whenever I see him, I have to do it every time..!!

How crazy this heart is,
There is always a drowning in the worry of what is not its..!!

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Love Status in Hindi

It’s no strange to bow down in love,
The shining sun also sets so for the moon..!!

I hate this world,
One by loving you..!!

It’s not what makes you mine,
Ishq is the one who won’t let you be anyone else’s..!!

I’m not used to turning around to see me,
If I saw you, I’ll see it once more..!!

I’ve heard you’re very stubborn,
Make me your stubbornness too..!!

Keep this heart of mine,
It’s a big concern for you..!!

Your smile has an effect on your health,
People ask me, what’s the name of the drug?

The extent of the depth of love is then revealed,
When it’s time to part ways..!!

They say that love is a crime,
Which starts with two begunaho..!!

Some of them are angry with us like this,
As if they were persuaded by someone else..!!

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Love Status 2022

My heart is broken,
He’s a bit of a bitch..!!

You know who love says,
Wish someone from the heart to lose him and then remain silent..!!

Sometimes for someone’s happiness,
They have to leave..!!

You put your hand on my heart and see,
If I don’t put my heart on your hand, say…!!

How beautiful the world is,
When someone says you’re missing a lot..!!

They will protect you with all their hearts,
Just once you say that I am amanat tere..!!

You don’t have to be like each other,
It’s important to be for each other..!!

True love is that which, even if it is not at fault,
Sorry to save your relationship..!!

A true relationship asks for nothing,
Except for time and respect..!!

Listen, if ever you are angry, we will bow down,
If ever we’re angry, you hug..!!

Love Feeling Status Best 500 Feeling love Status English

Promise Day Status
Hug Day Status
Kiss Day Status
Valentine Day Status
Love Status in Hindi

A breakup is of GF/BF,
Pagli tu toh meri zindagi hai how can you break up..!!

I don’t want to be with you for the rest of my life,
Rather, as long as you are with you, you need life..!!

Why does your presence make me feel like you,
I didn’t fall in love with you somewhere..!!

What to write that your heart will be comforted,
Isn’t that much to say, that my life is you..!!

We believe that we fight a lot, but,
Love is only from you..!!

If you make a mistake, of course scold,
But don’t be so angry, you know..!!

On the very thought that you will no longer talk to,
Every time the heart says just one last time and..!!

How strange, isn’t it,
that some people remain in the heart even after breaking the heart..!!

Always be angry at him,
Who knows how to celebrate later..!!

Love Attitude Status
Emotional Status
Dard Bhari Shayari
Sad Shayari
Romantic Shayari
Sad Love Status
Love Status

Don’t look at me with this,
People will understand that we are your followers..!!

Relationships of the heart are made by luck,
Otherwise, we meet thousands..!!

What’s wrong with you too?
If you come a little less, then the disaster comes a little more, then doom…!!

How do I say how it is with him?
He’s like a whole person..!!

Asked how long you’d love them?
Keep the heart of the hand said it will beat until..!!

Don’t try to tell a lot of raj-e-mohabbat,
But where was it possible that there would be no fire and smoke…!!

Both are forced into their own circles,
A ishq na kar sakta ek ishq na bhool na bhool naa..!!

When I cleaned the mirror, I saw,
And I cleaned up so you saw it..!!

Look at their plot to kill us,
When it passed closely, then removed the curtain from the face..!!

The most dangerous virus you remember,
Can’t delete or delete…!!

FB Status Love
Love Status
Those couples are very cute,
Those who are not GF/BF but each other’s life..!!


You have come out of the big wrongdoers, man,
Why don’t you smile and snatch the laughter of your lips and ask?

Block me or else,
You will fall in love..!!

I’m flirting, you’re stubborn,
I’m in you, you’re in me..!!

When the wounds will heal, I will come again,
I lost the battle but the heart did not lose..!!

What we have not robbed in love,
They liked the light we burned ourselves..!!

Just stay so close,
If it’s not, don’t take a distance…!!

Love is that in which no one is expected to meet,
Still waiting for him..!!

Don’t know what such a relationship is with you?
The pain comes to yours on any be it..!!

Time will change my life,
But our relationship never..!!

Romantic Love Status Love Feeling Status 

There is a wonderful love, one in which there is hope to be together,
If you don’t have it at all, love is immense..!!

Whatever the hate, love, love,
Give it by right or else let it be..!!

The darkness no longer has any effect on me,
Something like this has kept you illuminated in the heart, I…!!

A humsafar is one who plays together all his life,
And a humsafar is one who gives a whole life in a few moments..!!

We have no time with you,
Rather want to live your whole life..!!

I can fight the whole world with one hand,
Just my other hand should have your hand in..!!

Look at the fear of losing,
Don’t have fun to get..!!
Cute Love Status Hindi

Like a firefly hidden in your fist,
We secretly read your name..!!

If you meet someone, tell us too,
We will come ourselves to salute him..!!

Once upon a time, these eyes are seen by someone,
Yeh ishq hai saheb a hundred times nahi hota..!!

Love Feeling Status Best 500 Feeling love Status English

Love Status for Whatsapp Love Feeling Status

Arzu was to get your love,
Mad, you didn’t even understand the worthy of hate..!!

All your loved ones together can’t want you as much,
As much as I do alone with you..!!

One of your smiles improved my health,
Tell me, man, do ishq karte ho or treat karte ho..!!

Why should I think of something and make my heart smaller,
She could do as much as she was able to do as much as she had..!!

We were rich too,
But it was just the heart..!!

I don’t want to be with you for the rest of my life,
Rather, as long as you are together, you need life..!!

Whoever leaves in anger can come back,
The one who leaves the smile never comes back..!!

When he came in front of him, the strange spectacle happened,
Every complaint has become as if it has become self-confessed..!!

They come in search of your deedar in your streets,
Otherwise the whole city has to be had for Awargi..!!

You learn to understand,
Because I can’t say..!!


We’ll see you somewhere, sometimes,
A little far right, a little late right..!!

who cannot value our emotions,
Being mad behind them is not love webcoofy..!!

If I can’t remember someone every day, don’t understand the self,
There are a lot of troubles at this young age..!!

Let go of what’s gone.. That’s what love is,
Let’s come from somewhere else..!!
Love Status

Was it love or drunk? Whatever it was, it was awesome,
The soul went down and down the body was hollowed out..!!

If you laugh, i am happy, if you cry, then my eyes cry,
If you go away, i feel the restlessness and see that love is like that..!!

Life is sweet and very sweet,
But only as long as I am yours and you are just mine..!!

When you miss it, they don’t stop it,
We because those who come without a knock are our own…!!

There is no one in the heart but you,
Why don’t you get down in your heart and see…!!


Don’t ask for snipers, there is a great repentance in love,
What will be a sign of more than madness..!!

True Love Status

How lucky they are, not those people,
Who gets married to their lover..!!

I still have the same promise today,
I want you to be more than enough to die…!!

For the sake of two moments of love,
One must not waste a perfect life..!!

You want happiness for me,
Why don’t you become mine..!!

Forgetting is the work of the mind,
You live in my heart, be carefree..!!

It wasn’t in my heart,
But don’t know why you’ve become aashiq when you see you..!!

We were lost in ourselves, but,
The truth is, you were there too..!!

I like hate, but,
Not the love of appearances..!!

Listen, if ever you are angry, we will bow down,
If ever we’re angry, you hug..!!

Some people say that love is not true,
You have the answer to all those questions..!!

New Love Status
We are not worthy of anyone, so we have started living away from most,
Those who are happy without us should be happy..!!

I don’t know about love, but you’re in my life.
She was the first girl I called jan…!!

We are so wise to know their every lie!
And their crazy is also so much that they accept their every lie as true..!!

Why does this heart want you so hard,
Why does your name appear in every prayer?
Love Status

Don’t end your relationship just because of a misunderstanding,
Those who are lucky to have a lot of luck are true love..!!

Don’t ask me where my heart was lost,
When you saw you, it became yours..!!

How strange that is,
Some people remain in the heart even after breaking the heart..!!

Always be angry at him who,
Later you know how to celebrate..!!

Your love is my bondage, I have no other news,
Let’s look at you and i don’t have that look anywhere now..!!


I will keep every one of my promises,
I want you to be more than your own life all the time…!!

I bought the wound from the Ishq-e-market,
The heart was insisting that I want love..!!

When a man is drunk,
He approves of every decision of the mehebub..!!

We will do something like that in your love,
People will see you and we will remember you..!!

True love is neither appreciated nor understood by anyone,
That’s why true love is often incomplete..!!

I saw you every time I looked at you with a new eye,
I have a new ishq hua every time you have..!!

Your husn’s hookah has been extinguished,
We are going to go to gujudas that still..!!

Everyone understands things,
Let us be such that even my silence can be understood..!!

Their bad habit is to keep my hair spoiled,
They try not to make anyone else feel good..!!

I wish you’d ask me what you think of me,
I’ll hug and say everything..!!

Love Feeling Status Best 500 Feeling love Status English

One Side Love Status Love Feeling Status 

We are both alike,
His anger doesn’t end and my love..!!

One Side Love Status
You have made a cup of tea,
If you don’t meet in the morning and in the evening, then the headache remains..!!

Then the junoon of ishq is going up on the head,
Tell the mayor to keep the door open..!!

If you love, come in front of you,
What does it mean to read status in secret?

There is silence in my silence, there is also noise,
You haven’t seen anything else in your eyes..!!

Suppose we fight a lot with you,
But love also just do it to you..!!

The rest of my fingers also burn with that finger,
The finger that i hold and kill my life..!!

The deception status is also ready,
Just need no cheating..!!

Never write names on sand, names never tick on sand, names never tick on sand,
People say that we are stone hearts, but the names written on stones never disappear..!!

No matter how true the love is,
But it doesn’t happen without pain..!!

I heard that beat from the chest,
Who insists on meeting you every moment..!!


Some relationships are like life imprisonment,
Where it is not possible to release even by granting bail..!!

There is also a strange feeling of love,
Gets in an instant for a lifetime..!!

You can get angry with me if you want,
But I don’t have the right to leave, you…!!

You don’t know, but my heart will never be ready.
I will never love anyone other than you..!!
Love Status in Hindi

I don’t mean anything about the long things,
I find it amazing to say his “G”..!!

This is ishq hey sir, this human being is also amazing,..!!
And the scatter is also amazing.

If god remains incomplete, then do evil to yourself,
They say that true love is not puri..!!

Every day you are waiting, every day this heart is empty,
I wish you could understand that even those who remain silent would love someone..!!

We also grow against unsung things,
You still have my life in you..!!

I will continue to commit this crime again and again,
I’ll love you a thousand times..!!

If you make a mistake, of course scold,
But don’t be so angry, you know..!!

What do I write that makes your heart feel comfortable!
Isn’t it enough to say that you are my life..!!

His anger and my love are the same,
Why is neither his anger nor my love..!!

I’ll say one thing,
Don’t leave me even when I speak..!!
Love Status

What a beautiful feeling of your love,
It feels like you’re around me every moment..!!

You were just a stranger until yesterday,
Today one of your hearts is ruling over a beat of yours..!!

You have the right to fight with me,
But there is absolutely no right to leave..!!

Love is more than you,
Now tell me how you’ll be able to live without you..!!

From the chest you have to say this,
I’m just yours and now you have to stay..!!

A breakup is of GF/BF,
Pagli tu toh meri zindagi hai how can you break up..!!

When we see you, we are deceived,
Something else has to be said, something else we go to say..!!

Sometimes even while being in love with the heart,
Just because of the wrong fumigation the relationship breaks down..!!

I am afraid of you by your voice,
When you hear that love has happened..!!

Just keep on relating to us, never leave us,
Even if you keep on haunting for the rest of your life…!!

I’m thinking of writing something like that,
They don’t even cry and they don’t sleep all night reading…!!

We don’t boast about our loyalty,
But there is so much confidence that we will not be able to get what we have after us..!!

If you have done love, you will not be deceived, you will not give you the gift of tears,
If you cry from the heart, remembering us, we will never give you a chance like this..!!

I left all the world and made you my own,
You will remember for centuries someone had put up his heart..!!

I don’t know how love happened,
All I know is that it happened to you and will remain the same from you..!!

Never make yourself a human being’s habit in Jindigi, because,
Man loves only his own meaning..!!


Love is not that which has attitude and ego, it is love.
In which one is an expert in the row, the other is perfect in celebrating..!!

I have a heart to say,
But the one who gave the heart is one in the thousands..!!

I don’t know if you’re in my destiny or not,
But you like to ask in prayers..!!

Love will be beautiful in some other world,
Here what has passed on us, we only know..!!

O God, take care of him,
Which I care about all the time..!!
Love Status

There is no separation even when it is separated,
Ishq is age imprisoned dear there is no release in it..!!

It’s not everyone’s business to love,
The liver must ruin its own happiness..!!

They also play the same thing, sir!
Who is not afraid of losing anything..!!

Think that we learn to be the most rude,
We have lost our worth while giving love to everyone..!!

Without you my every happiness is incomplete,
Think how important you are to me..!!

Whatsapp Status Love
You love your eyes by saying nothing with closed lips,
Whenever you come, you steal from us..!!

Everyone understands things,
Let us be such that even my silence can be understood..!!

If you love, you don’t see anyone’s doubts,
Rather, look at that person’s heart..!!

The rose in the book of hearts was his dream in the night’s sleep,
How much love you love when we asked that we would die without you this answer was theirs..!!

There is laughter on the face and moisture in the eyes,
Every breath says, just lacks you..!!
Cute Love Status Hindi

We lose to him,
Which we love the most..!!

How did you keep this?
Neither came close, nor kept the distance…!!

Why should I take revenge from you?
You still look good to laugh today..!!

who has fun,
Where did he have that fun?

Latest Love Status Love Feeling Status 

Why should I be what you need,
Why don’t you accept who I am..!!

I forgot the answer, i forgot the question,
Strangely, these ishqs have also forgotten their own recent…!!

You are my day, you are my night.
I shouldn’t have time if you’re with me..!!

I don’t know what magic there is in your love,
I don’t have the heart to think about anyone else..!!

The first or the second is not the difference,
Love must just be true..!!

Why does your presence make me feel like you,
I didn’t fall in love with you somewhere..!!

He touched with his lips and turned the water of the valley pink,
We had another thing, he also made the fish fluffy..!!

I’ll fall every time you want,
Just iltaja is the only one that doesn’t fall out of my eyes..!!

He was a strange man to change his life,
Changed itself..!!

Do this love, the other will say for the rest of your life after leaving you,
Love used to do just that..!!

What a strange relationship it is between the two of us,
Can’t stay near and don’t stay away..!!

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