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Topic: Malice Book | MALICE


Hey guys, today’s blog is going to be a review of a Malice Book | MALICE non-destructive slag book by John Quinn,

this is the first book in the quartet, it’s epic fiction so you You will get a lot of different points of view, it is very western European

Inspired by the genre of a classic fantasy feel, it definitely plays on some classic fantasy metaphors as well as a select metaphor of absolute evil.

The ultimate good and these prophecies this knowledge that says perhaps these things will happen

It takes kind of a little town boy and a bit of coming of age those kinds of things so it’s very familiar but I guess There are aspects of this that feel a little more modern, I ended up really in love Malice Book | MALICE

The idea of ​​this book and its many aspects, but in fact, I did not find myself 100 enjoying the experience of reading it

This is very exciting to me because it seems a bit all over the place from other people’s reactions to this Story So I’d like to give you some ideas on whether this might be a thing

If you are interested in picking up the stuff about it that really grabbed me and made me so excited and I enjoyed it is just how epic the range is as a result.
Since it’s pretty epic at the range, you’ll find it’s a pretty slow start and kind of weighs the pros and cons.

I appreciate the scope but at the same time I was quite willing to wait for a while to feel connected, but I really think the entire Malice Book | MALICE
I ended up feeling like a lot of the setup I described in a vlog recently as I’ve been waiting for that tipping point

where it was a prelude and then I was going to fall in the aftermath and I always felt like I was waiting and I felt this way all the way to the end I think this will be very interesting because I will keep reading to see how I feel after reading more books on this

A series is one of the few times where I totally believe that people can have opinions about a first book. I don’t think you should read an entire series to get opinions about a first book but I really think

How I feel about this book may change as the series continues, which plays a role in how big the story is and how many points it is this Malice Book | MALICE
From the views it gets, that’s something that contributes to its slow pace and as I said, I personally felt it was going at a very slow pace the whole time, but I’ll get into other things.

Details about it might make you feel differently or perhaps tempt you to pick it up while sticking to the point from a multiple points of view

There are so many perspectives and I know that sometimes fantasy and especially adult fiction gets a little hot to maybe feeling a little Sometimes sexist,

I didn’t actually think this book would feel sexist in the least, but it only has one female perspective, and if I criticize her point of view a bit Eventually, her point of view shifted to noticing things and noting things that way

It was kind of just a character that looks like a show in a sense and not necessarily a show of the beginning of the story but whenever you need more information about something

You need more information about this character, you need someone to hear something that has always made her feel a little Empty which is a pity because it was the only female perspective that I enjoyed the female characters we saw, I wanted more of them

That character is a bit off but as a result of having such a large cast of primarily male characters, I wish the author could have done more to set them apart from each other.


I’m all with a huge big group of characters that I like but in this case, a lot of the characters blend together and sometimes their names were too

Pretty much the same so it makes it difficult when you start to see who it is that doesn’t have to hold your hand with the start

He doesn’t have every kind of black and white personality, that’s the character, she’s too loud or this is the character that’s too strict

It’s not really that they’re a bit more subtle except they all felt the same and so in a weird way I was actually craving a bit

More distinction or personality in our characters or I think maybe the best way to put it is I wish we were in their heads a little bit more

It’s a third person with every point of view which I think is best when you have many points of view but even if it’s just character slanting ideas or

Even just a deep view from a third-person perspective where even though it’s limited to them, you’re experiencing the narrative through them which means that for example One of the characters is much younger

What the author could lift up a bit is that when you’re with that character their narrative seems more youthful or when you’re with a character like that

A more gullible soldier would be very loyal to the person he is protecting if perhaps this point of view feels that there is more emphasis on honor or things like that where
The narration looks like it’s coming from them and I didn’t really feel it was that way so it just mixed together and I was thinking the more it gets Along we got in the book

The more I could characterize the characters I needed more time with them, but in the end, I didn’t really feel like I got to the point where the characters are Characters who really shine, I think the two exceptions are the characters you spend the most time with so I’m not really sure if they are

We spent more time with them or if the author the way he wrote those characters might have been better or maybe I liked them more I think if you Reluctant to have multiple stories and perspectives, they might feel a bit scary for you

I’m not trying to dissuade you from choosing this story, just because you might not want this to be the first big multi-view story you’d venture into even though I can’t.

This is obviously from my personal reading I’ve seen people say character discrimination happens a lot better and they are written better in future books so I just wanted to add that although it’s not something I can say for sure I’ve seen

This and I’m excited because it’s one of the things that keeps me going and I think something else would have helped if the dialogue felt too More diverse from one character to another or perhaps how the characters interact with each other There were several scenes

I thought it was done well, it was just one small thing, and then I immediately felt like I immediately had an emotional connection to something.

It was happening, for example, there is a part where the character is talking to his father and his father is trying to teach him lessons using your words to get
Your point of view and this scene that happens as a result of this is very funny and intimate and you’re just like I love this guy’s father and then there’s another scene

He has the character talking to this older woman and just the interactions with that character that I thought was always really good but I kind of felt

These interactions were a little bit far between, I think we could have gained more character through dialogue and I’m not someone who thinks that

Every time a character talks if you don’t have a dialogue tag and you pull it out of context you should be perfectly able to tell who’s speaking

Because I think it’s really hard and it’s going to make the characters feel cartoonish, but I feel like it if I don’t know if I can get Really popped

Who was speaking when he based the dialogue, so I also think it was a chance to get it clear and all of this basically just to get to the same point that
The multiple viewpoints weren’t something that bothered me but it was also something that didn’t take it to the next level because I didn’t feel like all the characters


I had so much personality and feel like we didn’t get as many thoughts, feelings, or emotional connections from me as a reader of hers as I would.
I liked one more positive, that’s nothing to cut it down, I just like this aspect of the book

He is the animal companion on this, I don’t want to say too much about him, I will just say it was probably my favorite part of the book and it also helps that the animal companion the way he described it

It reminds me a lot of my dog, Luna Bear liked it so much, and if you see people talking about the animal side in this Malice Book | MALICE

It’s cool, I liked it something that was actually kind of a negative for me, but I think it would be a positive for a lot of other people and that’s

The thing I wanted to touch on that I mentioned earlier is that I feel like it was slow all the time despite the fact that there was a lot of action and for me, it was the action

The scenes made it look slower but that would be very different for most people so the reason the action scenes for me made the book look like it was Pull it off or make it feel repetitive

because there are a lot of them that start kind of early in the book and then is shown in the book and some of them are more important that some have more stakes than others but there are quite a few and I kind of better think we built

Up until the two big moments and that we were with the characters we care about the most, and we understood the world a little bit better, I guess for me

I could have lost a lot in those moments instead of feeling like I’m just now learning about this character and then they fight and I don’t really know why. fight these people or why is it important to be allied with

these people and like you know a little bit but you don’t know that much and so on To me, it ended up feeling like something I could have done without, but I think most readers would really do.

Appreciate it in particular because these epic battles are one of the highlights of fiction for a lot of people, I don’t think it was poorly written

I wish we had more interest in it within those scenes, and I think this book could have benefited from cutting it back a bit

Which I rarely say and of course every review is very subjective but I actually think this book could have been a lot shorter and I won’t go into details

Because I don’t want to give away any spoilers but to give an example of a moment where I feel the speed would have paid off a little better.

More heroic in nature and it really encouraged me there was a part where some characters are taken and then there are some other characters Who wants to find them then back to the characters

who were taken and then all of a sudden someone will probably kill one of the people who were taken and we go back to People are looking for them and then we follow them a little bit because they are looking for people and it was one of those moments that I was in

Like I just wanted this end of the chapter, oh my god, are they going to do that and then the knights come

Where all of a sudden we hear people because we’ve already prepared that these characters are on their way and I don’t know if you really need to

Let’s try to track them sort of that felt like we almost went back in time and for speed and bonus it would have been a moment when I was on the edge

your seat hoping everything will be ok will they arrive in time and then all of a sudden there they are and then you know because you know they are looking for Or if they don’t work then you’re like oh my god they were on their way too I knew they were coming and they didn’t and I can’t tell you if

They did or not, but I felt like it would be a moment where we don’t have to go back in time a little bit to get them there and it will happen, I feel like Right amount through the book we’ll have the end of the chapter a really exciting moment and then go back in a little bit to be like now let’s get to

This character is up to this point and sometimes I think the reader will only be able to pick it up based on

Where the other character was the last time they were with them is where they will also be involved in the scene so I guess sometimes there might be certain moments
Slightly modified at the moment to feel more powerful,

the last thing I want to touch on is the heroes and villains of the story and how much I am I hated them or would find myself rooting for them because you have the ultimate good ultimate evil as the backdrop and lore from the story is part of the fun
From reading the book and all these different opinions trying to understand

Whoever will end up on the ultimate evil that will end up on the ultimate good and who might fall in the middle is anyone who is really It’s fun to see how it’s done, I found it a bit predictable but I still enjoy this aspect of the book but either way I don’t think so in this book

What kind of character do you hate just because they kill people left and right and they just do the most terrible things out there for sure. Some crying hate this type of character or uh this guy

Why would he have to do this, there are definitely those moments but I didn’t find myself thinking there were any characters at all

I hated and there were also no characters that I loved with all my heart, it was kind of observing these characters and I think that this As a result of the fact that this is prepared a lot, this is a lot

You’re introduced to these characters and there’s this prophecy that’s supposed to happen, you kind of see it unfold and I  guess this is just a result of it being the first book in this type of story

So I’m excited to see how the characters turn out in future books but within this first one while yes there are some characters that are sniveling little brats i didn’t ultimately feel like I hated anybody or loved anybody the way I have like Caledon from storm my archive Annie

from Fire born flame fall or some of the other characters from those same books i just didn’t have that emotional

hatred or adoration really for anybody except for the wolf i loved the wolf but anyway thanks so much for watching if you pick this book up I hope you do enjoy it Malice Book | MALICE


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