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Quote on Self Image | Spend wisely Warren Buffet 2022

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Quote on Self Image | Spend wisely Warren Buffet 2022

Topic: Quote on Self Image

wherever you are in life right now is because of your self image

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Quote on Self Image

You build an organization to match your self-image, not to match your skills. Your self-image is what yourself, not what you actually perceive about are. I did my schooling in government and public schools, then entered a government college to do my 11th and 12th classes.

Until then, I had a very low self-image. I went to college on a bicycle, while my friends came on motorbikes or cars. During my schooling, Hindi was the primary medium of instruction, so I was not able to speak English and would feel rather foolish when someone spoke to me in English.

To be able to speak in English was like an unattainable dream for me. When I was selected for admission to the engineering college, I was among the very few students from the government college to go to the Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh.

This gave my self-image a huge boost. I remember the very first orientation lecture in the engineering college auditorium, where the principal addressed a gathering of about 300 students from the first year of engineering.

He said, ‘ Congratulations! More than 16,000 students appeared for the entrance test, and you are among the 300 students who made it to this college.

Quote on Self Image |  Spend wisely  Warren Buffet 2022

This statement gave me a feeling of being someone important. I started feeling good about myself, and my self-image took another leap upwards. But the challenge of being unable to speak in English still persisted. I was amongst the créme de la créme of students, who were all from different schools and backgrounds.

I overcame this challenge in the course of the next three years. I don’t really know how, but possibly because of being in the constant company of English-speaking friends, I started to speak some English. In the 7th semester of engineering,

I appeared for an interview for the University Entry Scheme (UES) for admission to the defense services, along with more than 50 other students.

Now, this interview was to be conducted in English! Each interview lasted for about five to ten minutes, and we sat observing the faces of candidates coming out of the interview room. When it was my turn, I pretended to be confident, although I was actually not.

But even before entering the interview room, I knew that even if I was selected, I wouldn’t opt for the course. Guess what happened at the interview. The interview lasted for about 45 minutes, and it was the best interview I have ever faced in my life.

When I came out, I was surrounded by the remaining candidates, who were surprised it had taken so long in my case.

Quote on Self Image |  Spend wisely  Warren Buffet 2022

When the results were announced, I was among the three candidates selected. Moreover, I was the only one from a non-defense background. and person This achievement acted as a tremendous boost for my self-image, and I broke all the barriers that existed in my mind about my abilities.

I became confident realized that I was somebody, not just a nobody.

For many years now, I have been doing motivational seminars in both Hindi and English. The challenge now is time, I automatically switch over to English. of a different kind.

I try to speak in Hindi but, most of the Your self-image changes when you want to change it. When you feel good about yourself, others start feeling good about you, too.

Let me share with you some basic changes that you can make in yourself to improve your self-image:

Dress sharp Quote on Self Image

Remember the time when you last wore new clothes: That day you expected compliments from your family, friends, and colleagues. You make the effort to tell people where you bought your outfit from. Compliments enhance one’s self-esteem. Whenever you wear new clothes or are dressed well, you feel good and confident about yourself.

So while going for an interview or meeting or even an entrance exam, make sure you are turned out well; and don’t forget to smile! Compliment others

Quote on Self Image |  Spend wisely  Warren Buffet 2022

A simple principle ‘ What you give you get back in abundance ‘.

You give happiness, you get it back manifold; you give to charity, God gives you much more in return. And so, when you compliment someone or make them feel good, you too will be complimented in return.

For instance, when you say to someone, You’re wearing a nice shirt today, ‘ the other person will surely compliment you too by saying, ‘ yours is nice too! ‘

However, remember that your compliment should be genuine. Never brag about something expensive that I have, which the other person may not be able to afford to buy. When you pay honest compliments to somebody, you make him smile and give him a chance to be happy. And when you do that, you too will be rewarded with happiness.

That feeling of happiness will make you feel good about yourself and it will give a further boost to your self-image. From today onwards, take a pledge to give a minimum of five compliments to someone every day, and you will see the results for yourself.

Use the power of gratitude on Quote on Self Image

All of us are interdependent to fulfill the basic necessities of life. But we often take others for granted. I was reading How to be Like Rich De Vos, ( the biography of the co-founder of Amway ), which says that one day Mr. Rich got up early in the morning, just to say a special thanks to the road sweeper. He appreciated the work he was doing for society.

It was for the first time in his life the road sweeper realized how important he was for society. This is simple gratitude. I don’t know whether you believe in God or not but I feel His presence everywhere. Make a list of things that you have and the others don’t. You will instantly feel blessed and say a thank you to God.

Whenever I see a person who is visually challenged, I feel thankful to God for giving me healthy eyesight. Whenever I see a hearing-impaired person or one who cannot speak, I feel thankful to God for giving me these two senses.

God for providing

I thank God for giving me a happy family life.

I thank God for giving me health, wealth, and happiness whenever I meet a person under heavy debt, I thank me financial stability. in my life. writing this book.

I thank God for giving me continuity of thoughts for I thank God for choosing me for writing this book.

By expressing your gratitude to God you will feel like the chosen one. You have been chosen by God for special tasks which nobody else would have been capable of. This feeling will make you feel good about yourself and your attitude towards life will change.

When you show gratitude to people and thank them for helping you out or because without them you could not have any social life, you will feel happy and enhance your self-image. When you develop an attitude of expressing gratitude easily, people start enjoying your company and will look up to you.

Quote on Self Image |  Spend wisely  Warren Buffet 2022

Help others on Quote on Self Image

By helping out somebody in a task that he cannot do for any reason, also helps give a boost to your self-esteem. If you visit an old age home, you will feel blessed that you have a family and children who care about you.

When you do some charity, it will make you feel good about yourself because you know that you have contributed towards improving someone else’s life.

However, always be genuine in your feelings while helping someone out or doing charity work. You should never do this with an ulterior motive of hoping to receive much more in return. Just remember that God is watching your every deed. This will allow you to do charity even when nobody is there to give you credit.

Save regularly

you have along with it.

Your bank balance has to do a lot with your self-image. money, then you have the confidence that comes You must make it a habit to save for a rainy day as many rich people have faced extreme penury because they did not save.

Let me illustrate this point with a story.

Once there lived two sisters in a small town. The elder of the two got married into a rich family, while the younger one was married to a boy belonging to a middle-class family. The elder one was not financially prudent and would spend all that she would receive.

After a few years, her husband’s business faced a financial crisis. The younger sister was wise and had a habit of saving money. The elder sister had to ask the younger one to bail her out with the promise that she would return the money within three months.

But she soon forgot her promise, and even after a year did not return the money. The younger sister went to the elder one’s house to ask for the money she had lent to her. Sadly, the elder sister not only retracted from her promise but also insulted her.

The younger sister had no choice but to seek justice in the king’s court. The king, a very wise man, called both the sisters and heard both sides of the story. He asked his minister for two bowls filled with water. The king then ordered both sisters to step onto the muddy ground.

When both sisters stepped out, their feet were muddy. The king told the both of them to wash their feet with that one bowl of water. The elder sister poured the entire water on her feet but her feet remained a bit muddy.

The younger sister was habitual of using every commodity judiciously. She first cleaned her feet with her hands and then with some water washed her hands and feet.

There was still some water left in the bowl. This act clearly indicated her habit of saving. The king ordered the elder sister to return the money she had borrowed from her younger sister.

So we can therefore surmise that if you are wise and save a little money every month, you will never face a difficult financial situation.

Quote on Self Image |  Spend wisely  Warren Buffet 2022

Another habit that has been observed nowadays is that some people don’t answer their phones. Quite often, it is because they know that it is either a bank or a company or some friend they owe money to.

When you save regularly, you have finance available all the time and you save yourself from embarrassment and lead a life of dignity.

Spend wisely

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s best-known investors, is arguably the richest man on earth. He has been living in the same house for the past fifty years.

He made the first investment of his life at the tender age of 11-12 years but according to him, he started late. He is the perfect example of how to spend and invest money.

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that when you go to a five-star hotel, you don’t only pay money for the food but also the prestige of eating there that comes along with it? So in a sense, it gives a boost to your self-esteem.

Choose the environment that you want to live in and spend some money on it. It’s an investment for yourself. When you are going to a barbershop, leave a tip if you like their services. If you are going shopping, buy things that are of good quality. One should not compromise on this.

This directly enhances your self-worth. Those who try to save money on this, remain poor. Remember, a broke person has a chance of becoming rich but a poor person has no chance of becoming rich.

This is because ‘ broke is a temporary phase of life but poor is a state of mind and attitude ‘ . So invest in your self-image, it will give you the best returns in life.

Be a master of small victories

‘ Success consists of a series of little daily victories ‘. Getting admission into engineering college was my first victory which raised my self-image.

Subsequent successes in various spheres of my life went on to boost my self-confidence. While wrestling, a wrestler is first made to combat with those of average caliber. After those easy wins, the wrestler’s self-confidence increases and he feels ready for bigger challenges.

If right now you feel you are facing failure on all fronts, then with this attitude you can’t win the big battles that life will throw at you. At this stage, if you set some higher goals, you are likely to fall back and this will further push you down more in life.

‘ If you can’t do great things, start doing small things ina great way
Set a reasonable, achievable, and realistic goal for yourself. Put an action plan in place, with a belief in yourself, that THIS IS POSSIBLE.

Now once you achieve this goal, you will energize victoriously. After a while, set a higher goal for yourself, which you will work towards with strengthened self-belief. You will achieve the second goal because

‘Success produces success, just as money produces money.

Recurrent small victories increase the self-image of the champion within you. You will now be in a position to set some long-term goals for yourself. This, you will see, will be far more achievable because you have strengthened your belief and self-image. You feel like a champion. ‘

Achieving a short-term goal is like winning a game, but achieving a long-term goal is like winning a tournament ‘.

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