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The Bone Shard Daughter | Horror Story Book Review USA

The Bone Shard Daughter

The Bone Shard Daughter | Horror Story Book Review USA

Topic: The Bone Shard Daughter

The Bone Shard Daughter | Horror Story Book Review USA

Hey guys, today’s blogs are going to be a review of The Bone Shard Daughter’s on going book, this is a multi-narrative story for adult perspectives which I honestly think is small

A little sad because there are elements I think science fiction and horror are combined into this story We have a total of five different viewpoints, two of which

Which I would say are our main characters and then the other three well, I have to say the other two are kind of side characters and there’s a random character that’s similar to what The Bone Shard Daughter

Happening here I don’t know we’ll find out I guess or maybe won’t be two major viewpoints although for most Lynn and Jovis they seem to be

Reservation of plot lines will remain separate, so if you are someone who is a bit frustrated with the multiple stories from a point of view

Because there’s a lot of different things going on in different places, and that’s what’s going on with this,  but I was really fascinated by everything that was going on, and I

I never felt the need to go to a different point of view, which made me forget everything that was going on in another area, the book was not long and also
Classes are relatively short The Bone Shard Daughter

So she returns to the characters quite often although the title relates more to Lin’s character, so she is the daughter of the emperor of this nation

The Bone Shard Daughter | Horror Story Book Review USA

She doesn’t have all of her memories, this makes her try to remember what she’s supposed to remember It’s been a few years and she has no idea why her memories are gone

But he’s very mysterious and she definitely lives a very secluded life, it’s pretty much her father and then her adopted brother

If you can’t remember what you’re supposed to remember, he’ll be placed on the throne instead of being a very determined heroine who wants to get to the

At the bottom of the memory she has, it also makes her father proud because as an emperor he has this magic whose secrets she wants to learn so that she can continue to protect him.

Their nation and magic are very interesting in the way they are communicated to you in the story, and it takes a while before you feel like you have a good understanding of what’s going on.

Sure it delivers normally, but as a result, it stays in the dark a bit for some time, but I personally wouldn’t mind it being the preferred way to get information

I don’t have to say it depends on my mood sometimes, I just like someone explaining things to me but it wasn’t where I was Intentionally like Malazan, this was closely related to the characters, and it became relevant to you, so the magical system in essence without going too deep into The Bone Shard Daughter

The Bone Shard Daughter | Horror Story Book Review USA

Because I think the discovery is part of the fun is that there are objects called skeletons and they are created by bones that are put together so that they kind of
a combination of a lot of different parts and then you put an order on those bones and then they do the job those commands are asking them to do, and there are some fewer final parts

When they are not smart, it is a little easier to deceive them and there are very smart who act as advisors to the Emperor

The interesting and negative of this magical system is that it affects the people from whom these bone pieces came, so there is this dandruff disease that can It affects a person and it starts small but then it can be a bigger deal later and it can do a lot of damage and you see it everywhere

Really cool empire if you’ve read the foundry side somehow the magical system I think is very similar although this system is more than just a creation

These beings to be loyal to you are unlike the things on the foundry side no matter what I found this to be very interesting I feel There is a lot to explore as well in the rest of the series, but in this first book there were really many questions to ask and I really wanted Lane to find out.

The answers to a lot of things that were happening and then as the story progresses and more is discovered

You like what things start to happen, you’re such madness, and there are some great revelations and developments that I thought I knew where this is.

The Bone Shard Daughter | Horror Story Book Review USA

The book was going to go and I thought I totally called it and then there were a few that were introduced and I was like oh well that wasn’t what I was expecting

This is more sinister, malicious, creepy, and gross than I thought and loved it, I don’t think the book should surprise me to enjoy it, I can predict what will happen
And I’m still really interested in the story,

but this one I thought I knew and really liked I was surprised that it’s so new I think the bending-type elements come into play

I think it stays away from horror and away from sci-fi but aside from Lynn’s point of view the other main point of view is Govis,

I actually like Govis more Of all the characters, he is this precious man who all he wants is to find his lost wife and I say dearly, maybe not the right word Describe him but I call him dear anyway because he’s someone

Whoever accidentally stumbles into being a hero, so a smuggler trying to circumvent the law, all he wants is to find this missing wife for whom he went for.

Years and ended up helping people and building that reputation by accident and I just liked it because it almost looks like a reluctant select person that he doesn’t like No that’s me I’m not The Bone Shard Daughter

hero, please don’t trust me don’t sing songs about me you don’t like but do it because he’s fun and he has an animal companion who is So cute oh my gosh, these lines obviously look very different from each other, one looks a bit more imaginative, the other lacks imagination elements

Which I think helped because the aspects of magic are so complex and there is so much that this book could easily become very dense

It’s hard to track and the fact that there are other perspectives at play, so I really liked that it was kind of a fantasy light.

with the other point of view but there were aspects of the magic that you might see in this more open world here with jovis and the other characters because For example, jovis will go to a new place and when he first gets there they will be like mentioning your merchandise, and the thing that tells him to mention his merchandise is

The Bone Shard Daughter 2

So he has to try to figure out how to get around his low-level orders and so you see this Everywhere there is a lot to do with the kind of religious things going on in the background and there is a different kind of tradition that

It makes the whole thing seem like there’s this dread looming where you’re like I don’t know if our character should work because it might end up being

Which leads to bad things happening later I love it when there’s something in the background that you get a smaller story in the first book but you like it I bet this will expand on later than I thought the author did and it was a bold decision it was a risky one but it was something I thought

The author did it and used it well was with this random point of view and the two side characters that I haven’t talked about yet, they had that point of view in third the person then jovis and lin in first person, that’s very risky,

I think you actually have five different viewpoints, then two of them are first-person and three of them third-person but I thought it was clever because he really marked the lines of Govez and Lane as sort of the main driving force and the other characters almost

It was established that they sided characters at the moment and that there is more to it, in particular, that person who is in the middle of nowhere somewhat More ambiguity goes on, I’m full of admitting that I’ve come across really stupid with the phrase I’m going to say

I didn’t even notice at first that some of them were in first person and some were third, that’s how I think the author did this I liked it, and I don’t know if I do it normally, but I thought it was done really well, the other two side characters are two women from different backgrounds who fall in love

One of them is involved in the government and then one that grew up in the streets and one that grew up on the streets really wants to help people do that. What’s right makes the world a better place, people have a fairer life, and then the other character is a nice person you care about.

But she hasn’t lived that experience, so it’s a bit naive and I think the author did a great job of tackling that thing of yours you could be a good person But you can also do more and The Bone Shard Daughter   I really loved seeing that in their relationship

It allows the reader to see a particular situation from two different sides, and sometimes the characters have their own ideas about well, how they might have

Expect me to do this or how they can’t see things that way and as the reader it’s a third person and you have a little bit of a distance It allows you to focus more on this concept instead of focusing on these characters

I still like the characters even though I liked their relationship I liked the questions they had to address so I thought it was really good

The downside to this book is that I think the fact that these plotlines seem a bit separate I didn’t mind but I know that’s something a lot of people don’t like Multiple Stories Perspectives The biggest con for me personally was the fact that jovis into being a smuggler is at sea and goes

From one place to another The fact that this is the mode of transportation by which a man gets from point A to point B really fast to point

Where I’m like how far apart these places don’t seem far apart and just the passage of time can be kind of skipped

That’s fine but I felt like you know how there is a joke in Game of Thrones that it takes forever and forever and forever to get somewhere

Then all of a sudden people have gone from point A to point B so fast in recent seasons I feel like this character has always gotten to where he needs to be.

Really fast and I don’t know I just needed to spend time with him on his boat but it was more than I thought I would have liked something To indicate that more time has passed

Whenever I go back to his chapters because like I said, the time between characters is short because chapters are shorter so you’ll never break up with my boss characters for quite a long time, but as a result, you feel like you’re picking up where you left off when you really aren’t,

so I guess I would have liked a bit A little bit of time goes by, there are some things going on with jovis and his animal companion, and these things I feel he probably needs a little more time to think about

A little bit and since we haven’t seen this time to think, I feel It was fine, I guess that’s what’s happening now it seems to have happened kind of fast I think you got the point, also it’s not a hoax for me but I think so The Bone Shard Daughter

It would be a hoax for other people I mentioned in the beginning that the way the author presents information to you is relevant to the characters

It makes me think the story is more focused on the character because you get to do things as you do so you are more connected to them rather than this distant narrator who is like here How is it going now let’s move on to the characters I love this form of the show it means it takes a while to figure out what happens and then

I guess it takes a while to connect with the characters because you’re trying to figure everything out but once you feel more connected to them In my opinion, but I know some people who just want to clear things up for them especially because Lin’s plotline is in the dark The Bone Shard Daughter

whats going on then finally one specific thing that might be a hoax for some people Lynne is very interesting her plotline is interesting but I wouldn’t say she has a lot of

because she has no memory so her character is that I forget things and I hope I find out she is determined to be a little competitive and has a lot of drive and seems to be I care about others,

so there’s no complete absence of character but I just think that’s why I ended up loving the character of Goofes

More because this book has some really cool revelations, if you’re going to mention spoilers in the comments, just make sure to enter a bunch of times if you want to chat with spoilers more in Depth This is the friend

who read about my companion for the exact month I am talking about this book so I will have my partner


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