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Think and Grow Rich Audiobook | 6 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook | 6 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

Topic: Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook | 6 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

So today I am going to talk about a particular book and this is the reason why I have been so consistent in my blog journey.

So the book Thinks and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill

I think this book is the most ideal book to start reading non-fiction, I personally started reading non-fiction with it and your power.

subconscious mind and I am not exaggerating but this book has definitely changed me as a person now I am sure you must have heard the law of attraction Expression Affirmation These things have really become kind of mainstream and everyone is talking about it these days but this book makes think and get rich
as the pioneer of this concept

Now it was the gentleman Andrew Carnegie who came up with the idea that he communicated to Napoleon Hill that it was about to go around the world.

Interviewing research analyzing the lives of some of the most successful people people in the world and by doing so they can know the secret behind being successful Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

What is that one mystery that allows these people to succeed to such a great extent so this was the idea and Napoleon Hill agreed to it and he started it

Thrill to discover or identify the secret behind success Now in this book he has shared 13 steps towards wealth and I am going to share some of my Favorite The first step of this is desire a burning desire and he says that your burning desire is the starting point of all your achievement so what is it When it comes to the difference between your regular desire and a burning desire

your burning desire

It’s pretty sure if you really know what you want and you put all your effort and energy into it so that you can get results so now the next thing to do is

How do you figure out how to identify and set off a burning desire because now you know the difference between a regular desire and a burning desire and of course?

If you want to set your own burning desire, for that they have provided like some steps, this part has six steps and here I want to introduce you Manifest App based on concepts from the book and enriched by Napoleon Hill

This is a very simple goal setting and tracking app where you can set your goal, make your affirmations honest, build your vision board. This one tool is enough. Practice all the steps given in the book

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook | 6 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

So first you are going to set your goal which is going to be very specific and it has to be very definite so you will set a goal and then you will Write down how you will achieve that goal Next this is the confirmation section where you will get different types of confirmations related to money

Personal development health etc. You can also add your own confirmation to this just tap on the plus button and you can add your new confirmation And there are also four other options for money Life health confidence confirmation

So you can choose something from there as well next we have a vision board Many of you keep asking me what is a vision board then a vision board is a paper or any digital The screen where you can paste pictures or where you can curate images that best define your goals

So when you look at those pictures you can imagine yourself achieving those goals and when you see those pictures that best define your goals It helps you to be more motivated because you can see if this is the kind of house I want to live in or this is the kind of work I want to do Or are these places I want to travel, so when you see my goals in front of my eyes every day

it becomes more concrete it becomes like a plan and our brain loves plants so you need a vision board and vision board on the manifest app amazing you can add your photos write captions on it and I think it is a great way to dress up your vision board next we have a positive tab where you will find a lot of material which is based on the concept of the law of attraction expression

the secret behind making money etc. So overall this app is really useful if you want to take action for your goals and if you want to practice lessons which are given in this particular book so I highly recommend this app it is absolutely free and the link to the app will be given in ok so let’s move on

the second step is about faith now I read this somewhere on Instagram I actually also wrote here which says you have to believe either Have faith in your ability and success or you have your inefficiencies and failures, now the point is how to develop your confidence, and here comes its importance

Affirmation Now you must have heard a lot about positive affirmations this is also the uh song that is all about affirmations and I have seen a lot

Now I know a lot of people think affirmations are stupid and the people who repeat those affirmations are stupid but the thing is you are the only one Confidence is going to grow and I’ll give you a very quick example. Forget affirmations but let’s talk about your inner dialogue with yourself.

A lot of times it happens when things don’t go our way and the first thing we say to ourselves is oh my god I’m worthless or I can’t Or it’s just not my cup of tea that’s why we say so many negative things about ourselves on a daily basis, we don’t even think these words are really growing our belief in our inefficiencies

So what’s the opposite of saying positive things about ourselves so that we can build and develop our belief in our potential and our potential.

Success is what all affirmations are for so when you repeat these positive affirmations they help your brain believe in your potential And the fact that you can definitely succeed is a part of the whole process that you have to work hard but can’t be taken for these things granted because these things really matter and that’s the mystery why some people

be successful and others think the next step I want to talk about is extremely important and life-changing so the next step is autosuggestion

It’s about how sometimes we use phrases and words that suggest something else to our subconscious mind that’s why many times we say money doesn’t grow on trees or it’s too expensive I’ll never have it or

It’s so beautiful that I don’t even deserve it when we say such things they suggest something to our subconscious so when we say money doesn’t grow on trees We are suggesting to our brain that it is very hard to make money when we say it is so expensive that I will never get it.

We are suggesting our subconscious

that we don’t deserve it or we’ll never get expensive stuff because you know that’s what we’re suggesting and when we say it’s

so beautiful I don’t deserve it you’re suggesting it to your subconscious that you don’t deserve good things i know that sounds like on a surface level

Very funny but it is true that many times we keep saying self-deprecating things. Self-deprecation is one of the most popular forms of humor and it’s all ok if it’s a joke but

When you keep sharing the same self-deprecating joke over and over again, your subconscious mind starts believing that you are building your trust there.

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook | 6 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

You’re increasing your confidence in your own incompetence and that’s exactly what you’re suggesting to your subconscious mind. The next step is to imagine what Napoleon Hill calls Mind Workshop This is where you make your plans This is where you come up with ideas Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

That’s why your creative imagination is so important that’s why there are two types of imagination, one is artificial imagination and the other is creative imagination.

Synthetic imagination is simply putting everything that is already in our minds in different combinations, but creativity is just out of the box.

It’s thinking out of the box that’s what it means to have creative imagination so creative imagination is all about thinking out of the box that other people will think you’re crazy but you’ll end up with something other people didn’t even have imagine creating and we’ve seen so many scientists

who thought so strange, so strange and so impossible that people thought they were crazy but they actually made those things and thanks to them we have internet cameras and many other things today, so Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

Why creative imagination is your workshop, where you create your big plan, where your ideas come out and the last step I want to cover in this blogsis all about decision making that’s so important because we keep procrastinating now the thing is the opposite of procrastination is the decision because what is procrastination you have a lot of work but you can’t decide

where to start so procrastination how to start not really lazy it’s just a lack of decision making, for example, many of you want Think and Grow Rich Audiobook
Right To Start Your Own YouTube Channel But You Can’t Decide

how to start it what to do to get started what kind of videos will you make and there are so many things you’re just procrastinating on This chapter is full of examples of such great personalities about how they were so eager to make decisions and how it made a difference, so I feel like this book is definitely one Mani Many people think this book is too repetitive

honestly, i agree but there is no other way to write a book like this you have to repeat the same thing in different ways for the reader to understand at the end

The concept so yes it can be repetitive but it is only for your own good and if you think something is too repetitive then you can obviously skip it It is not necessary that you have to read every single page you can skip things if you want yes I highly recommend this book

is one of those books that you have to read in your life because it has so much wisdom you can’t miss it so I really hope That you enjoyed this video and found it valuable, I tried to share as many lessons learned from it another this is such a gem of a book so if you enjoyed

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