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Twenties Season 2 | Synopsis Review for the Twenties 2021


Twenties Season 2 | Synopsis Review for the Twenties 2021

Topic: Twenties Season 2

This is the synopsis review for the twenties, I did the synopsis review on this show last season, I enjoyed every second of it and I’m not sure if anyone else

Twenties Season 2 | Synopsis Review for the Twenties 2021

I’m reviewing the synopsis on this show but I was interested in the show and so I was here for it so what it would be like for me I wanted to discuss

This is why I’m making my own summary comments on any of the shows I’m doing anyway, just in case some of you don’t know what The show is about because you haven’t seen it before or maybe you forgot about it

The show revolves around three young women who are best friends who live in California and try to live their dreams and the name of the main character is Harriet Harriet Hey

Someone who loves women I wouldn’t give her a name because I don’t remember if she said last season whether she considered herself or not A lover or a lesbian or whatever but obviously she is

Someone who loves women, but he is here and struggles to achieve this. Twenties Season 2 She is trying to bring out, uh, uh, her texts there for people to notice. It’s because she’s a great writer but she usually lacks a lot of focus and motivation and all that though

She’s so motivating to everyone, she tends to joke more than she’s serious but she’s starting to know she needs a cut However, one of the other friends’ names is Mary. Mary is the friend who, uh, is engaged to marry a man named Chuck

She is a TV executive but has a hard time getting everyone to join her as far as black people are concerned.
Entertainment takes care that they literally deal with other things and whenever something goes in the direction you want it to go to other people Basically guys, black or not, get that recognition even if it’s her

who put so much effort into it because they really tried it last season if you haven’t seen it come back and watch it was her last name Nya Niya is a yoga teacher, it’s so natural because you know her article and her feelings and all the good things that are that great

The Rising Friend and all that other stuff

She is very much the peacemaker and mediator, uh, when it comes to friendships, so yes I am here for her, I admire her, uh, the person who is interested in her.

This show but his personal life is a mess and this is ah Big Chun Big Sean is fine unless I mix with the shows This is the guy who Interested in her on this show but he is fine in real life. I don’t know if anyone is still dragging him

What happened to him before, and you know what her name is, uh, wasn’t it Echo, whatever my name was, something you know that girl said what?

This says and talks about you anyone like a chained girl but yet you say her name as if I never knew how to pronounce her name but I heard she was in a relationship and then ended up leaving the relationship she was in with someone else entirely who were basically cheating The people who were with them to be with them

each other and they make great music together like I have several songs of theirs where it’s like oh, that’s a whole feeling but I go on so let’s go ahead and Get into this episode so you’re pretty much left where you left off where was the last time they were in the industry or party or whatever was out there somewhere

They were at an event and Harriet took the woman up on the show she was working on uh the TV series was called Oh Cocoa Butter I think And all reality

Twenties Season 2 | Synopsis Review for the Twenties 2021

It’s kind of rubbish but a lot of people live for it and so she likes it so well that’s what it is and a lot of it reflects on this woman’s life and the things she’s been through But it is so dirty and ida u are praised for this show and

I got rich from this show, I really feel like this was like what it was supposed to be Kind of the female version of Tyler Perry to be I don’t know I really feel like that’s what’s going on here but uh anyway ah

She just left the party with Harriet who had already told her that she loves women, that she is much younger than her, and that all last season this woman has been making out It’s known that she lived for her, other people were able to tell she was a man-eating her, ah but she didn’t go out with her,

you know the secret if you’re going to do it because Like I’m not sure if this woman is in moments that just happen or actually in women but she has had moments with other lesbians before Other women like women before and ended up in a totally horrible state of mind in Samoa by the time I ended up with him like that Was it bad um

I kicked her out, she got kicked out because she violated her privacy one-day last season if you don’t see her come back and go look at that but anyway so they’re in bed keep in mind Hattie doesn’t have her own place she’s trying to piece her life together hope these texts and stuff

She’ll drive off so she can at least have a place of her own to get her car with another vehicle or whatever like you need to get the things you need Stay normal at this point as she keeps going from house to house gay like this pretty much what she classifies as The female version of gay We basically label men that way especially in times like this like person like trying to say he’s fat

Girls season now

It’s the heavy season for women right now because they think we all fat women are so desperate to get a guy when guys come over and tell us anything like it is.

We’re cold outside, we’re desperate enough to be like you know all is well as long as they’re scamming us, it’s okay you’re in my place and Keeping warm and running my bills is ok I’m not one of those so it doesn’t apply to me but anyways

She’s at her friend’s house now, and keep in mind she’s been pretty much on the couch tonight since her friend Marie and fiancĂ© Chuck.

outside and about somewhere I took her to their bedroom, she basically just passes it on as her place and so she looks at the woman Little did she know that she is here saying all kinds of affirmations to a woman to tell her how beautiful she is and have you ever thought of getting it married and do you think td jakes, do you know to marry us so she looks at her like you’re crazy like you two are just related like what we’re talking about screwing up

That’s all going on, you guys don’t even date what we’re talking about so you didn’t get sick and tired of it, it was like you knew what I didn’t get time for this it was like you know what’s up even though she’s infatuated with this woman even though this woman was really feeding her All this time she’s been telling her that she lives for her and does the most and that she’s like a girl

What are we not going to do with this now at this moment she likes me to go I don’t have time for this and so she likes it so well it’s ok you need to Leave anyway because the people who actually own this house should be back any minute now and then we start hearing the car horn, it’s Chuck honking on her Come and help him get his fiancĂ©e out of the car because she told her I’m drunk and I’m only in the middle of the night why are the neighbors like this.

Something the neighbors are accustomed to why did you tell her so well anyway, I advise you if you want to keep your dignity and everything else the same

She came out the back door and opened the door because she looked at her like half and knew you did, then she herself produced if

She will and she knows she knows herself and she comes there and tries to help her get into the house and then it was like helping me get She’s on the bed so she was like oh no no uh I don’t know if she needs to go to the bedroom it was like what you’re talking about any way we’re going to bed

I was nauseous and sick about to start vomiting, so I felt good, give me a few minutes to introduce you to the right bedroom as I will give it You’re 10 seconds so the countdown has begun, she goes in there and straightens her best, looks decent enough to pass at the moment, so

They just go in there and make it sound like you’re so cute, are you just trying to make it romantic for us, because they’re very much newlyweds

Newlyweds who aren’t like oh, I’m just gonna wait till we get married so we can have sex, they screw each other’s brains and that’s what they’ve been doing

So yeah again if you haven’t watched this series if you haven’t watched the first season of it go back and watch it and go ahead and come back and watch

Each episode was 30 minutes, so yeah, but anyway, I quickly left the room thinking it was safe, pulled back to cover it up and we saw Ida

Who was the woman who got past this whole situation that Hattie was part of the woman who was like the female version of Tyler Perry if you will?

He sees her red thong in bed and so Mary was vigilant enough to understand that this situation had to stop, and so it was like yeah okay so is this the last straw She was like yeah this was the last straw so she got kicked out in the middle of the night and then ended up going to Nya’s house who was yoga

And the coach asked her if she could stay, she brought her tattered bags and left the trash bags, so she is there in her house and now she has to try to sleep and so on Before they sleep she tries to figure out you know what to do and ends up spilling beans around her sleep with Adam so she loves Wait a minute and help her how to get out of this information and think

That’s all it’s gonna be like no, you should pour the tea that you know is my boss because in fact she was allowed to be a part of a production The one that she puts on playing in an upcoming role on the show so this is a great opportunity for her that she’s always wanted to do is

You’ve been in the background for a while but now it’s about to be in the front and the big co-stars love the big stars
They put on this performance IDA

She has so much admiration for doing that of course she’s trying to figure out what’s on the tee that she doesn’t look like You want all this idea is what it is and so it was ok so do you want me to like your approval or do you want advice so it was what I mean now

I just want to be comfortable until you hug her and then she’ll sit there and ask if she gets weed like she does what she wants most madam like her You won’t like some fancy weed and she was like all I can give you is some CBD and you’ll try to read CBD and it’s like a guy you don’t have to pop Pee in I don’t understand, I don’t understand people who want

Mostly and I don’t have anything to contribute like stop, so it’s morning and the night has slept away so I wake up Nya doing what she normally does Twenties Season 2

And she’s these affirmations and she’s doing yoga while she’s buzzing and so she’s trying to figure out why she’s getting up so early with all the noise and so it was.

Such a part of life, this is what we should do and you know that no one should be able to tell a black woman that no one should be able to Tell a black woman what to do and what to do and she was like you knew what I heard and I accept that it is

What is it until they talk and she’s just trying to live her life and I’m like a girl who gets up and goes to work and so she was like you knew what before You go because this is actually going to be Nya’s first day with everyone reading the table and all that other stuff so it was like okay let me

Pray with you, are you okay if I pray for you boy so I prayed because I was like I thought that was one thing about Hattie Man Hattie

I love my hat, it faded into that prayer, I said it throughout this prayer and I and I have always loved most if not all of the shirts you wear In this episode now she wears uh um Nina Simone ah

pullover I was like what it’s called not that but it was a pull and that’s what I wore so I was ok it’s usually black
You know something a little blank black is going on and I’m going to be here for it so we see Nia go out into the world She’s into one of the things that she is She’s supposed to be inside and she’s just thinking her imagination is going wild. She’s so excited that she made everything turn black.

and white she would go to everyone and say hello my name is nia and they look at her like a girl we don’t care about, then one of the last people she dealt with was like he was fine uh I was early so it was like I’m Jamaican so she walks and lives every moment in that time

I got to the back of the piece and then whatever light you’re on you can clearly see the Hollywood sign so I was like oh that’s a nice psychedelic I know I I’ll be here for it so I’m fine so they show Mary Mary the next morning after she’s at work she’s in her office and they have a bunch of crackers and I’m guessing some tea or I mean if it’s not ginger tea it’s some kind of tea or it might already have some ginger or something in it

By the cup she’s drinking trying to get her life together because she’s so sick of everything she’s drank so I guess the black guy is Black gay guy or he’s just too rambunctious

so to speak I don’t forget what his purpose is I guess he’s gay if I’m wrong I’m sorry but anyway it was on that last season and they know they tried it on in many ways but he comes and talks to her and it’s a lot like if I win but at the same time I’m not here for it in this case because they

Tried her last season, she was the one who brought a lot of things to the table and they overlooked it for all the guys in the room and it was like We’re still doing it in 2021 ok

So anyway, she’s throwing ideas at him and he’s not here for her until he hears one in particular and I think he was about black people at first he was like Nah.

He got excited when he thought he was fine, no one cared about it but once he found out it was about white people He was excited and it was like I told you all before she had this thing about how the things you want to bring up about black struggles

And all of this you know no matter what you want to show, it’s about black people who don’t want to see it and this is the only time that you want to see Certain things are the field we’re really in where they want to see us, it was good no one cared if it was a bubble bath scene or something

That’s how she said something about porn and it was like that you pretty much know the stereotypical thing you would see anyway with black people It just feels like not getting around it, so it seems like it’s really hard to get certain things like that because it’s about black people Twenties Season 2

Away from the earth for them to want to be cared for and I was just like a child, but I’m not here for him so what happened by his work Because he wants her to bring something else to the table especially if you want to have black faces with a whole lot of black faces inside, it will lead to You should do something else outside

What she was trying to tell him about, so now we’re at the table reading and the woman there is this woman I saw for the first time or at least

Remember seeing her play Tyler Perry’s best for worse playing ex-wife slasher baby Mama Marcus and lately I’ve been seeing her a lot because I wasn’t I’ve been seeing her for several years since this show went off the air and now all of a sudden I’ve seen her on all kinds of shows and I love getting the check I’m here for it, but anyway she’s like the star of the TV series with cocoa butter, and she’s supposed to go back and forth.
With Nia in this role you’re playing on this show, you’re supposed to play it like this


overly ghetto hairstylist or whatever so now she’s in the role but it seems sad and frustrating to watch even me I just said something about admiration, it was open to Ada’s eyes and it looked like she knew him, but that’s like what sold that’s what all those blacks are People want to see and then I guess I’ll keep throwing and I wasn’t rich with these people but well she was talking to her after it was over

With and she looks like she likes you and that’s something Nia is telling this about the person who participated in the show like who he is from starring on the show and so she was like her and very hard to please and so she was like oh well, then a baby

Why are you going to slip in there and talk about Well what are you doing ah I don’t know what you’re doing for your nighttime routine but it’s so cool to tell me girl Twenties Season 2

She’s glowing, come on now, you know good intentions, she knows you’re great with each other and I just sat there and told her you screwed up just like you don’t And now you want to sit here and text the assistant talking about good morning how are you doing and all these other things and such

She sent a really nice message but she said that instead of yours she put y-o-u-r if I’m not wrong instead of you so I read it it wasn’t Like you I don’t forget which one it was, but it was the order you weren’t supposed to use in that context or whatever, and so on though you can

He told me she was about to smile, but it’s like I won’t lie sometimes when people send me stuffed and it’s like I’m totally different You say two is not like the one who’s supposed to be the one with two and I’m just like and there’s there I can’t anyway

Hattie’s mom showed up to Mary and got her a bottle of wine that was for 2020 and so she was like oh it’s been a really fun year and so on Twenties Season 2

She was like, you know, I just found out, come on and apologize no matter what, so she was like a thank you for that cheap product that you weren’t like, I just realized that you and Chuck can Twenties Season 2

Open this 20 years from now and it’s cheap now but it’s going to be expensive later You gotta think about it, you gotta think about it, I was like I was just trying to get over it but anyway they were talking and Marie you know if you wanna go back can you be like nah I guess I’ll just stay in The news and until I can have my own place, so it’s ok, it was like you finally know that you greatly respect


The fact that they should be able to spend their time together because I know I would be very upset if I was with someone and I couldn’t even spend my time with the person who I have to spend the rest of my life I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with her because their friend there lives with us all the time

They can’t even run around the house, but they can have things all over the place like what we do, oh like that, I don’t like we need to be able to do we want to do is the big people Twenties Season 2 what Being here as if I’m not here for my thing of course it has to be certain kinds of situations for me to be okay I understand but no

She’s never had her life together so she goes from house to house anyway I’m rooting for her and I hope she gets her life together but not like that anyway

It’s night time every now and then we see Nia at home skipping her lines and then Hattie coming home bringing groceries which are really snacks.

Because she has all the healthy things if she was going to snack it would be some seaweed or something that’s what she got and so on

She was throwing everything out loud, she had to tell her she needed you, Twenties Season 2 be calm and respect that as she’s trying to learn her lines

It’s kind of like she’s doing a lot at the moment so they ended up talking and she was trying to tell her you know, yeah I really like her and all that Things were going on and you knew it was okay and you know she didn’t know how much he was doing until you told her but

Yes, she was doing the most, so it was as if, however, Mary was about to go home and home, all the lights out
I got back here and made this nice romantic dinner and got everything lit with candles and all this other good stuff and so it was like oh it should be Twenties Season 2

Enjoy the fact that we don’t have to share the house with anyone and so it was like yeah, I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I’m like this so sad but That’s what it is then we see Hattie in the parking lot waiting for Adam to come out because she’s been trying to talk to her all day she said

Nothing for her outside of texting her saying it’s yours instead of the one you used in the sentence I read about her and her He said it wasn’t very attractive for her to do all these other things and so they had a back and forth so to speak and she looked a lot like

I read it so you can better deal with telling your friend about my life and what happened to me she obviously knew my teeth she knew what I was doing

Like never telling anyone about my work and so she was just telling her that you know what it is and can’t help me the way I was feeling about you and so it seemed like you need to spend your focus on other things and maybe be able to be where you want to be and sit here Twenties Season 2

You brought me to someone else’s house like your priorities are in the wrong place so I read to her they basically read each other and pretty much will continue to do so

what they do downstairs as long as Adam wants to let so she is ready to get rid of it and it was just like I can’t help the way I feel about you like madam I understand that you eager like that but i’m gonna need you to calm down but here they are drifting into each other and so it was like oh i tried it then just me Tried to pounce to get a kiss was like oh don’t you have a brand to protect I’m like my lady now you know so they do what they do but anyway

Twenties Season 2 Hope you all enjoyed this episode recap from the twenties, I really like this show

I think there will be a lot of things going on this season anyway you will have the good

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