5 Primary Love Language

If you want to keep your spouse’s emotional love tank full, then finding his 5 primary love language for you is the knowledge of love language.

What do you mean by ‘physical touch’?

“‘Body touch’ and ‘positive words’,” replied Bob. Or rubs your back or holds hands or kisses when you’re not playing?” Bob said, ‘It’s all right.

‘Positive’ any positive sentence.‘

Bob replied, ‘when she tells me how good I look, how smart I am, how hard I work,’ when she appreciates my work at home

physical relationship.

His desire is entirely based on his feelings. If she senses that her husband is loving, appreciating, and loving her, her desire for physical intimacy is awakened.

In fact when his wife speaks hi

The emotional love tank of the husband is full and when the husband speaks his love language and the emotional love tank of the wife is full, t