Capable entertainers have safeguarded their garrulous little melodies, thus also have deft chefs like Vincente Minnelli and Stanley Donen (and Gene Kelly).

Yet, the C&G shortcomings are uncovered in Bells Are Ringing. Bound to boring sets that vibe like sets (a dreary condo room that duplicates for a phone  

replying mail business; a dramatist's penthouse), no measure of cutesy stage business can reinvigorate a dull "kid meets young lady" situation.

Adorable telephone administrator Ella (Judy Holliday) gives counsel to her telephone clients, yet she goes completely gaga over writer Jeffrey (Dean Martin).

The issue would he say he is, realizes her as an elderly person's voice called "Mother." What might he think about her, in actuality?

As though the response were uncertain! Holliday is lost in the midst of those unconcerned sets and melodic numbers that are overextending in their appeal. 

C&G knew how to kiss up to venue individuals (inside the subgenre, Singin' in the Rain is their only recovery), yet are terri     

bly lost with regards to introducing normal workaday individuals. On the Town moved mariners and taxi drivers toward some moronic variety of vain, lapel-snatching egotists, 

and Bells Are Ringing regards the common Ella as an eventual ingénue needing a decent part. Holliday's newness feels marginally determined,