Maybe this present time is the opportunity to drop your membership to the Star Trek T-Shirt Club, or the SpongeBob-themed Bikini Bottom Box (indeed, both are genuine). 2022

has been a wretchedly terrible year for Netflix up to this point, having lost north of 200,000 supporters, with a detailed 2,000,000

more set to follow after accordingly following membership cost increments for the web-based feature. 

Natural Born Killers - July 1st (US) Oliver Stone and his enthusiasm for 'maximal viciousness' flicks unquestionably isn't lost on his 1995 film, Natural Born Killers (the hint is in the name)

. Featuring a desperate Woody Harrelson as Mickey Knox and Juliette Lewis as his significant other and accessory, Mallory, the pair set out on a deadly desolating of generally guiltless spectators.

Up in the Air - July 1st (UK) In this upbeat parody show, George Clooney is his characteristically beguiling and predisposing self, as he expects the job of 

Ryan Bingham, a corporate scaling back master, or rather better put, an individual contracted to come in and sack dangerous workers.

The Sea Beast - 8th July Netflix's unique liveliness has been an all-around sluggish burner, halfway because of the huge triumphs and rich history of their rivals in Disney Pixar and such. 

In any case, when Netflix puts its hand to vivified film, in the occasions of Klaus, The Mitchells versus The Machines, and I Lost My Body, both the basic and crowd gathering have been uncommon.

Incantation - 8th July One more beneficiary of rave surveys has been the Taiwanese thriller Incantation, which is set for an overall delivery on

Netflix in July in the wake of turning into the most noteworthy earning film in Taiwan in 2022 and its most productive blood and gore flick ever.