Summer is fast approaching, and his arrival means Big Brother returns to CBS. Season 24 officially has

a premiere date on Wednesday, July 6, and will precede the premiere of a special season of Challenge: USA, so it's definite

ly going to be a big night. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a single element that is very common in Big Brother's recent premieres

yet, and season 24 probably won't have a direct transition.The initial announcement of the 90-minute Premiere of Big Brother Season 24 contains no mention of

the live transition event. CinemaBlend spoke to a CBS representative about the live transition, but they weren't sure if that would happen.

Suffice it to say, her loss would be a big blow to the fans who grew up to love all the benefits that accompanied them.

The direct transition was originally in Big Brother: Over the Top, which was exclusive to Paramount+subscribers. CBS' Big Brother made

its first direct transfer with Season 22, and although Snavo had one on that first night, he brought him back for season 23.

The main advantage of direct transmission, from a fan perspective, is that viewers see the exact moment the game begins.

In previous seasons, and even season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother's newest, HouseGuest had days to acclimatize even a week before live streaming began acclimatizing, as well as forming alliances.