The dead in Daylight spent fleeing its frightening stall of the bad guys, but in an unexpected visual nove

l, players quickly ran towards characters known as The Trapper. For romance.At a recent anniversary event, Behavior Active announced a new dating symmetry called Hook on You:

Death By Daylighting Daylighting Sim. Created by Psiop, Colonel Sanders who created I Love You! The good simulator of Finger Likkin's meetings,

where "romance, double references and ... Shirtless clothes will appear.The stars will be four famous killers killed by sunlight who live in a magical place called "Killer Island:" Hunter, Soul,

Tether and Wright. This is what the official statement describes:Getting at you: The Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is hosted by players on Killer Island Their Companions:

four dead sex killers who just want a little romance under their killer looks. Fans will open dark turns along the way and enter the hearts of hunters, soul,

Trapper and Wright. Will they find true love, make friendships, or strike and die? Only they can decide. It's their job to understand everything while the mystery is happening.

What brought them here? Where did these killers come from? Why are they showing so much interest? And, most importantly, if you only have to choose one for love... Who would it be?