JAYESHBHAI JORDAAR New Movie Ranveer Singh Gujarati's style It was a lot of fun to watch the trailer of Javesbe Zordar.

The best was Ranveer Singh's look and Gujarati's style of speaking. In the meantime, such funny scenes also came out that this film will be really strong. 

He says there is no comedy, and there is a film that carries messages. In Rajkumar Heran's films we see it every now and then. 

This movies, director Divyang Thakkar all  engaged in the same effort. Now I know how strong our Jayesbay is, how effective it is.

The story is a village in Gujarat and Boman Irani, which has a male-dominated mentality, shows a similar course for its society.

If a boy in the village harasses the girl, he argues that the girl's soap should be stopped. Sarpanku has a son, Jais (Ranwar Singh),

his wife is Mudra (Salini Pantai) and he also has a daughter. Mudra had an abortion five times, as the family needs a son to raise the heir. In Gujarati, her name is Nanka.

Now that the picture has returned from the stomach, the doctor indicated "Jai Mata Di", that is, the baby is coming. .

The trailer revealed that Jayesh disagrees with his father's company and thoughts. In such a situation, as soon as the child's news comes to light,y,