Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married in Nevada, records showThe couple, who started dating in 2002 and afterward split for quite a long time, wedded on Saturday.

Whiz superstar couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got hitched on Saturday, as per a Clark County marriage permit.

The couple, who dated and became participated in the mid 2000s prior to separating and burning through 17 years separated, revived their relationship last year.

The couple got a marriage permit in Clark County, Nevada, on July 16, court records show. The permit 

was given to Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who is additionally distinguished as Jennifer Affleck. 

In any case, in 2004, Lopez reported the couple had parted. The pair would proceed to date, and wed, different big names 

during the almost multi decade detachment. Lopez wedded artist Marc Anthony in 2004. Affleck wedded entertainer Jennifer Garner in 2005. 

The two relationships at last finished, and Lopez became drawn in to previous New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez in 2019 while Affleck dated entertainer Ana de 

Armas. Both of those connections finished in 2021. Yet again on April 8, Lopez declared she and Affleck were, locked in