Bridgeton star Robbie Parker takes some time away from public life. In an Instagram post, the actress, who plays Lady Maria Crane (nee Thompson)

in the popular Netflix series, told her followers that she was hospitalized after being "fine for a long time. The British actress has also urged viewers to be nice to

I need backup. While the 25-year-old said she did not want her diagnosis to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, she refused to mention her specific condition.

. But she promised to have a longer conversation about her future mental health. She also thanked her friends and mentors, Netflix and Bridgeerton executive producer

Shonda Rhimes for their continued support. About five days after her heartfelt post, Ruby Parker shared another video with her I

nstagram followers confirming she was discharged from the hospital. She again thanked all her fans for their love and

support. She felt less alone and also thanked her doctor and hospital staff for the great care they had provided her. But the Bridgerton star still takes it easy, spending her days abroad and

having conversations with the family. In conclusion, the actress said that people with mental health problems should not be afraid to get the help they need.

Based on The Viscount Who Love Me, the story follows Bridgeton's older brother, Lord Anthony, as he seeks to find a suitable wife. Driven by his duty to keep the last name,

his search for the first person to meet his impossible standards seems like a lost cause until Kate and her younger sister Edwina Sharma come from India.

When Anthony Edwina begins courting, Kate discovers the true nature of his intentions - that true love is not at the top of his list of priorities.

While Robbie Parker's character featured prominently in season one, she only appeared in a supporting role in season two.

All eight installments from season two are currently airing on Netflix. Bridgerton was also renewed for a third and fourth season

. In addition, the series recently told Entertainment Weekly that Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington will be

the focus of next season, with filming starting later this year. It is unclear whether Robbie Parker will participate.