it's the 25 biggest animated shows of all time, sorted Who says the cartoon is only for children? Who also said that animation

shows for children might not please adults either? Animation has been a big part of television for decades. Some of the performances have been bad

; We are looking at you, the Fish Police. Others have been very good and sometimes even too much. With that in mind, this is the ranking of the best-animated shows of all time.

"Family Father-in-Law" "Family Guy" Some people are "Family Guy" and its go-for-broke, everything for a laughingstock style. Even other programs on this list have had fun with him. However, even

"Bojack Horseman" The world of "Bojack Horseman" may seem a little strange to people. There are relationships and other things between humans and anthropomorphic animals.t the horse.

Batman: Animation Series" This is mostly a list of comedians because there are not so many animated dramas - well, outside the animation.

"South Park" To think: South Park started with some super cheap animations and some videos that fell into the hands of people like George Cloney.

"Gravity Falls" In 2010, Disney had received an animated renaissance thanks to some of the apps on this list. The first is the Gravitational Falls.

"Doug" was one of Nickelodeon's first animated shows, at least before moving to Disney. Doug Funny was everybody, who's all guy, like he was, every guy.