Pulse" (2001) Kiyoshi Kurosawa's J-horror masterpiece ay isang sadyang paced bangungot masjien ng isang pelikula

kung saan ang mga ghosts ay tiyak na viewable sa pamamagitan ng webcam. Ito ang unang pinagmumultaryong pelikula ng internet, ngunit higit pa

ito sa gimmick; ito ay pagmumuni-muni tungkol sa kalungkutan, na nagtataglay ng kabilang-buhay — ni ang langit o impiyerno — ay maaaring isang nakakatakot na loop ng pagdurusa.

The Haunting" (1963) Ito ang Cadillac ng pinagmumultuhan mga pelikula ng bahay at probably pa rin ang nakakatakot. Robert Wise ay sa sunog sa pelikulang

ito, paggawa ng mahusay na paggamit ng malawak na frame (na may tatak spanking bagong anamorphic 30mm lens) upang mapahusay ang claustrophobic

"The Entity" (1982) The project and sometimes brilliant Sidney J. Furie runs into a house with an unexpected account of

a single mother (Barbara Hershey) who believes she is sexually used by a malicious spirit.The 8 Greatest Ghost Films

"Poltergeist" (1982) Steven Spielberg performed a well-hemmed house film at the heart of everyday suburbia, and every person

who grew up with the fear of storms or a scary tree outside the window or, god forbid, a creep clown doll has been battling night since.

"A Chinese Ghost Story" (1987) This gonzo wuxia classic from the glory days of Hong Kong cinema isn't much in the scare .

department, but it's a very influential work from the great Tsui Hark who, for whatever reason, is not as celebrated as other films of the season

"Kwaidan" (1965) Masaki Kobayashi's supernatural anthology certainly lives on the translation of his title ("Ghost Stories"), though perhaps not in ).

the way Western audiences hope. The filmmaker's deliberate approach, which is a formal approach to these stories,

is formally formal in the extreme; He doesn't tell much about what Japanese culture means (where they are all well known

The Other" (2001) Alejandro Amenábar followed his mesmerizing "Open Your Eyes" with a slow-burning of a spirited story to

Nicole Kidman as the mother of two young children who began to suspect their home by looking "other."