The Gray Jedi in ‘Star Wars,’ Explained the Star Wars universe continues to expand, the galaxy of characters within

it continues to deepen and complexify. Over the decades, as the world fills in, we have gotten to know more about the priestly Jedi and devious

Sith, but fans of the films (who may not have delved into the novels or games) are also now learning about a new path, something

between Good and Evil for force users: The Gray Jedi1. A character who is trained and can utilize both the light and dark sides of

the Force without becoming corrupted. This means that a Gray Jedi can use dark side elements or abilities (like electricity blasts) without giving in and losing themselves to evil, anger, and hate. .

2. A Jedi who follows the light side of the force but operates outside of the Jedi Council’s control or defies their rulings

. This means that a Gray Jedi does not have to follow the Jedi Council’s strict rules on attachment, they can fall in love and get married

. Some Gray Jedi also reject the Council’s rules on who can train as a padawan and train force-sensitive beings who are older than four years of age. .

Most characters that audiences would be familiar with fall under the second category. They don’t use the dark side of the force,

they just push back against the strict (and sometimes stodgy) Jedi High Council. . It was further established in Star Wars: Rebels

, when Ezra Miller and Kanan learn from Bendu, an ancient Force-sensitive being who exists “in the center” of the Force. But as the release of Ahsoka draws near, we see perhaps

its biggest opportunity. It has now been confirmed that Ezra Miller and several other Rebels characters will be joining the live-action show.

So, we might finally see just what Star Wars has in store for the Jedi who have chosen a different path.