The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been entertaining audiences since 2014, and its hilarious bits, fun games, and celebrity

interviews have quickly made it one of the most popular shows on TV. If you’re not yet watching the show, then here are five reasons to start tuning

in each night at 11:35 p.m. EST on NBC. (Warning: You may be hooked after reading this!) 1) The greatest celebrity interviews Even if you’re not watching

The Tonight Show for its sketch comedy, it’s worth tuning in just to watch celebrity interviews. Jimmy Fallon is one of today’s most popular talkext!

show hosts, and his guests are always fascinating—not to mention entertaining. From musicians and athletes to actors and politicians,

no one is safe from The Tonight Show spotlight. And while he may not be able to get every big name on his show (yet), he still manages to bring

in a pretty impressive lineup of entertainers and public figures. For example, last year alone he had guests like Jay Leno,

Seth Rogen, David Beckham, Jeff Bridges, Drake, Steve Carell and more. You never know who might stop by n

2) Hilarious skits While we’re on the subject of SNL and Lorne Michaels, if you haven’t watched The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, then what are you doing?

One of SNL’s few bona fide stars since Tina Fey left (Will Ferrell is also a big part of it), he breathes new life into classic skits like Weekend Update by incorporating recurring segments

, like Thank You Notes, Lip Sync Battles and Hashtags. While his clever writing makes him endearing in front of the camera, it’s behind-the-scenes work that made him so successfu

l—from collaborating with producer Lorne Michaels to creating viral videos. It all helps Fallon craft a show unlike any other.

3) Funny pranks Jimmy Fallon and his crew always go all out on April Fools' Day—the funniest holiday of them all! If you haven't watched any of

their hilarious pranks, here are a few that will have you cackling. (Note: Some of these links contain profanity.) •Watch Jimmy and Justin

Timberlake take over for Bill O'Reilly and Rachel Maddow in an attempt to discuss modern politics. Spoiler alert: It does not go well. •Fallon may not be a football

expert, but he's got some pretty strong opinions about Tebow—and they're just as entertaining as his musical comedy bits! •In honor of Mother's Day, watch one man play every single mom on television.