This time WWE WrestleMania Backlash Real Winners and Losers from 2022 While he shared a name with the most unvarnished two-night event in

WrestleMania history, WrestleMania Background didn't feel as special as last month's show. With only six games on this card, there was a small section of WWE's list to deliver.

Cody Rhodes continued his good WWE career by beating Seth Rollins again, and Omos had the best performance of his career to date against Bobby Lashley.

Rhea Ripley was involved in helping Edge, adding one of Raw's hottest coMany names received a big boost from this program, but the short card left many forgotten at night. rners. 

WWE Background has always been a time to set a new ground after WrestleMania, and this show gave plenty of opportunities to be true winners or losers in the summer and beyond.

His style suits the pace of the company's quick cut, as well as the action, which focused on moving companies inside the ring, and this is leading to some showstoppers.

Rhodes and Seth Rollins had the night game and one of the games of the year in the opener., they passed their WrestleMania clash and set the stage for a third race soon.

WWE has few stars that feel like real events, but American Nightmare is already there. He was able to confidently defeat the Roman kings, which is not true for almost anyone else in society.

This is thanks to the presentation and reservation. He's been unstoppable since he came back, and every time he goes out, the whole crowd is behind him.