It would be true if you thought Top Gun, the 36-year-old sequel to the Tom Cruise extravaganese, would call it cheese and fetishize the U.S. army.

Against all expectations Top Gun: Mavetrick is an exciting, audacity driven by its heavy, bold aerial sequences, current emotiona

l milestones and billion dollar performance, full of weapons from Cruise that reminds everyone why he is one of the other bona fide movie stars.

Cruise may have real-life reputational problems but he is a megawatt, still a boy's smile on the big screen does not rule out the power of his charisma.

And there are few actors like him who are determined to provide an immersive film experience.Top gun: Maverick

does both of these things and does a heavy dose of sincerity But do you know what? It doesn't matter at all, because she has - wonderfully - earned that respect and sincerity.

Top Gun: Maverick is nevertheless a miracle film and does not apologize for relying on it.Cruise Pete is back as "Maverick" Mitchell, a hot navy fighter who still has an indespicable need for speed,

with his head directly in the clouds and anyone with stars in their epules (Ed Harris, Jon Hamm) will have a lifelong crane on his side.