Shot under the title THE DEEP END, chief Matt Eskandari's film around two sisters who get caught underneath a fiberglass pool cover has been retitled 12 FEET DEEP, given the caption 

TRAPPED SISTERS in its promoting, and is set to be delivered on VOD with perfect timing to concur with the dramatic arrival of an alternate 

film about sisters caught in a horrendous oceanic circumstance, 47 METERS DOWN. This retitling and captioning is to some degree lamentable, on the 

grounds that it makes Eskandari's film put on a show of being a mockbuster joke when it's really a very much created, engaging thrill ride.   

The "caught sisters" referred to in that senseless caption are Alexandra Park as grieved black sheep Jonna and THE DESCENT's Nora-Jane 

Noone as Bree, who is putting their horrendous youth behind her and beginning another life. The sisters get together for a dip in the Olympic-

sized public swimming pool at the Ketea Aquatic Center, which is going to shut down for a long end-of-the-week occasion. Jonna and Bree are the last two individuals to escape the pool as

the middle's director (Tobin Bell, making an appearance) surge everyone out so he can return home. The supervisor is in such a rush to shut things down,

he doesn't see when the sisters get once more into the pool to recover Bree's dropped wedding band from the channel grind at the base.   

At the point when he gets the fiberglass pool cover under way, he doesn't understand there are as yet two individuals in the water.