Westworld season 4 gets off to a promising start in “The Auguries” Following two years, Westworld is back broadcasting in real-time for its fourth season.

The season 4 debut episode, "The Auguries," brings us back into the modern universe of HBO's sci-fi show while making obviously this is a Westworld like none we've seen previously.

As usual, there will be SPOILERS past this point. So in the event that you haven't watched the current week's episode of

Westworld, go do that first. With a show this erratic, you don't need the excursion ruined.Westworld season 4 gets off to a promising start in “The Auguries”

Westworld Episode 401 survey Westworld is one of those shows that rehashes itself with each season, and from the outset of

season 4 plainly this will indeed be the situation. Notwithstanding, however many steps the debut takes, it likewise feels considerably more consistently

attached to the show's most memorable season than past seasons. We don't realize without a doubt whether we'll get a

season 5 of Westworld, yet every step of the way season 4 feels like it's setting up a final stage for the series by respecting what preceded.

This is to say that assuming you've delighted in Westworld up until this point, you'll in all likelihood partake in the debut of season 4

. Assuming you tumbled off of the show or lost interest as a result of its thick miasma of plotlines, "The Auguries" may not change that assessment.